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Proposal ID 2015-103
Submitted April 22, 2015
Owner mclarke
Department CoMotion
Category Collaborative
Funding Status Preliminarily Not Funded
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  • Mike Clarke
  • Head of Product Design & Development
  • 206 616-3254
  • Box 354990
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  • David Brown
  • Director of Finance
  • 206 616-2054
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  • Vikram Jandhyala
  • Vice Provost of Innovation
  • 206 543-0905
  • Box 354990



CoMotion is working with other units on campus to develop a co-curricular, cross-campus program for innovation readiness, developing students’ entrepreneurial thinking and creative problem solving skills, regardless of their major, or the ultimate success of any particular idea. Our goal is to bring cross-disciplinary, web-based, just-in-time learning and an enriched mentoring and support network to students who are trying to move from idea to innovation.

This program involves curation and creation of best practices lessons, materials, and novel experiential activities targeting student-innovators across campus, regardless of discipline or program. It also includes an online “just-in-time” learning platform that makes personalized recommendations for events and teammate or mentor connections, discussion forums, networking with other students and mentors, seminars, “hackathon” style design activities, and workshops.

We are requesting funding from the STF to contribute to the software development and content creation for the online platform that is central to this innovation readiness program.

Category Justification

CoMotion is working to implement unique design thinking and entrepreneurial learning activities with government, NGO, and business experts outside of UW as well as internal experts and people across campus. This will involve on-campus challenges, workshops, seminars, and working social events where students can listen to entrepreneurs, engage them in conversations, and form ad hoc groups of interest with each other. For example, in December 2014, CoMotion piloted a very successful campus-wide program for student teams who worked towards commercializing new innovations, using a portfolio of two dozen successful DARPA funded projects as building blocks. Part of our vision is to inspire a community culture of innovation that goes beyond classrooms, departments, and degrees.


We have already begun to develop the networking, event discovery, and matchmaking aspects of the online platform, as a responsive web app enabling students to engage across a variety of devices. We propose to integrate this with a modern mobile-first LMS, within which we will curate web materials of the best talks, videos, and articles on entrepreneurship. Some new short videos and other content will be developed as needed, for instance to focus on specific topics related to design, leadership, and prototyping. The program will link efforts with the CoMotion’s Incubator and MakerSpace at Fluke Hall, as well as Startup Hall.

Benefits to Students and the University

If successfully implemented this project has the potential to transform the UW student community by empowering them with entrepreneurial thinking. We expect to see evidence of more innovation in more areas. Our novel educational approach leverages existing resources to meet growing needs and has the potential to deliver economic and social benefits to UW and the State of Washington. Across the planned two-year pilot, we will have the opportunity to implement and test the effectiveness of our innovation readiness model. We are also seeking additional support from NSF and selected nonprofits such as the Kauffman, Gordon Moore and Alfred P. Sloan foundations.

Departmental Endorsements

Vikram Jandhyala, the Vice Provost for Innovation, endorses this proposal.

Installation Timeline

We will begin alpha testing the online platform in the summer, and execute beta testing with a student program in September 2015. We plan to pilot the model proposed here in the technology-driven-innovation arena in the first (2015-2016) school year, and expect it to reach across campus in the second year (2016-2017).

Resources Provided by Department

CoMotion has already dedicated significant staff time and funding to developing this program and corresponding platform, and will continue to support it as part of CoMotion's overarching mission to deliver the tools and connections that UW researchers and students need to accelerate the impact of their innovations.

Access Restrictions (if any)

We aim to make this platform available to all UW students who are engaged in design/problem-solving endeavors, either individually or in teams, either inside the classroom, on campus activities, or in their everyday lives.

Student Endorsements



Group Funded Item Unit price Quantity Subtotal

Software Development

$60,000.00 1 $60,000.00

Web development services from external firm for integration and customization of Learning Management System; supplemented by other CoMotion funds.


Because we will be working with an outside vendor and have flexibility in the size and scope of features to be implemented, this is a rough estimate for the integration and customization work relative to the LMS.

Content Creation

$15,000.00 1 $15,000.00

Creation of additional short videos and learning content for the platform.


Will require some external video capture/editing/production services.

Total requested: $75,000.00

Total preliminarily funded: $0.00


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