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Submitted April 22, 2015
Owner dougn
Department Music, School of
Category Portable
Funding Status Fully Funded
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  • Douglas Niemela
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  • Doug Mathews
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  • Ron Kline
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For the past 4 years, the UW Jazz department has seen truly explosive growth due to the hiring of 5 new young Jazz professionals from the NYC jazz scene. Jazz ensemble participation has grown, and is open to all UW students, based on audition criteria. This has allowed many UW students direct contact with these working Jazz professionals, and is making UW an increasing center of Jazz studies in the Pacific Northwest.

Jazz concert activity throughout the year at UW has recently expanded to include theater department spaces (Jones theater, Penthouse theater, Meany Studio Theater) as well as the Ethnic Cultural Center Theater. Portable sound equipment to support these concerts, also run by UW students, is lacking. Providing professional sounding concerts to the public, through the use of professional sound gear (run by UW jazz students), increases the artistic stature of UW in the community in general. We are in need of portable technical sound gear to support these concerts.

Category Justification

Concert sound reinforcement equipment is inherently portable. It will be used in any of 6 performance spaces across the campus.
Adapting to new spaces and providing excellence in concert sound is always the goal. Better gear allows better experiences in concert sound.

Sound gear for concerts is stored and moved in cases made for road ready use. Proper storage and use allows this equipment many years of trouble free use.


The recent hiring of jazz trumpter Cuong Vu (former Pat Metheny Group), along with NYC session jazz drummer Ted Poor, adjunct faculty jazz guitarist Bill Frisell, and Ryan Ferriera, and Tenor Saxophonist Greg Sinibaldi have created increasing interest in Jazz studies at the UW. The concerts hosted by these professionals, involving student performers, has increased attendance to UW jazz events.
The UW jazz department is host or major participant in 3 music events in Seattle each year: Earshot Jazz fest, Improvised Music Project, and UW World Series. Concerts are held around various UW performance venues. Most halls do not have internal performance sound gear and we must load in and load out necessary sound equipment.

Each Jazz instructor is involved in coaching student ensembles during the school year. Gear for concert preparation, used in amplified musical instruments is required. Public Jazz Concerts are the culmination of these studies, providing student the experience of professional stage presentation.

On any given quarter, student from across the campus entering the music department to study jazz, either within intro level jazz courses, advanced history, or ensembles and private lessons numbering above 400 students (per quarter). All jazz students are required to attend jazz concerts at UW as part of their curriculum. This is in addition to the general public attending our jazz department shows.

Benefits to Students and the University

The image of UW is reflected in the quality of it's performing arts. Attracting both students and faculty to the UW is coupled with the quality of it's performances in this regard. UW student come to learn what a quality performance standard is in their own presentations.
There are no other resources in this regard at the UW.

The level of sound professionalism at UW jazz events enhances the reputation of the university at large. Being open public events, these jazz concerts directly touch the community at large.
Having professional sound gear at jazz events allows students to experience the growing technical field of sound reinforcement. This can benefit music students for the rest of their lives.

Departmental Endorsements

I fully support the expansion of our live sound reinforcement capabilities for the jazz department. The inclusion of theaters around campus not equipped for live concert sound has made this proposal an important part of our growth in UW concert schedules.

Gary Louie
School of Music Recording Engineer

The granting to this proposal is an incredibly essential component for further growth and success of the jazz program at the UW. We have surpassed many of our peers in education in this field but fall exponentially behind in providing the supporting tools/apparatus/gear to help the School of Music present the compelling original and boundary pushing art of it's faculty and students to our community.

Cuong Vu
Associate Professor, Chair of Jazz Studies

This proposal is vital to the education of our students. The Jazz Department at the University of Washington is among the most forward thinking in the country, yet we lack basic tools needed to further not only the departments vision, but also help students attain the practical, real world skills they need to become contributing members of the greater musical community.

Greg Sinibaldi
Artist in Residence, Jazz Studies

This proposal will enhance the educational needs of the jazz studies program. Without this updated equipment, jazz studies students will not have access to the latest technology in sound reinforcement - a critical component of a world class jazz studies program.

Tom Collier
Professor, Director of Percussion Studies; temporary Chair of Jazz Studies (Spring '15)

The proposed equipment will be of great benefit not only to School of Music students, but to any student on campus needing access to high-quality sound reinforcement equipment. The School of Music should be the "go-to" resource on campus for equipment of this nature, since we have the staff and resources to support proper usage and user training, and this proposal will ensure that this is the case in the future.

Colin Todd
Senior Computer Specialist, UW School of Music

Installation Timeline

Sound equipment is available domestically (USA) for purchase. Upon approval, concert sound gear will be ready for use for the coming 2015/16 concert calendar.

Resources Provided by Department

Storage is provided by both the School of Music and Meany hall, from which other venues can be accessed. Storage cases (requested) protect gear during transportation and for long life of the gear.

Graduate TAs in jazz and professional sound staff at the school of music oversee the proper handling and storage of gear. Support staff exists to teach all students in the proper handing and use of sound equipment.

Access Restrictions (if any)

Sound gear is to be scheduled for use for jazz and related shows through the formal School of Music student concert schedule each quarter. Students are involved in the set up and break down of gear around these shows. Gear is available for any properly scheduled concert.

Student Endorsements

The UW school of Music regularly provides sound reinforcement for world-class jazz performers at UW events, the Earshot Jazz Festival, and Improvised Music Project Festival. Unfortunately, we do not have the equipment that touring artists expect from a professional concert venue. Consequently, graduate students have had to provide their own personal equipment and rent gear in order to provide visiting artists the equipment they need. This grant will greatly support the UW School of Music's mission to present world-class and innovative music to the greater community. Thank you for your consideration.

Steve Treseler
M.M., Jazz Studies (expected June 2015)

As a graduate student in the Jazz department, I am confident that the granting of this proposal would greatly enhance the quality of student and faculty performances and also provide better education in sound reinforcement and performance standards for the student body. I believe it is essential that students leave school not only proficient in their craft but also with a firm understanding in the mechanics/tools/gear of live sound performance, as many students will undoubtedly continue to perform professionally.

Gregg Belisle- Chi
M.M., Jazz Studies

As a doctoral student in music composition, and an active composer in the jazz department, I have witnessed the growth of the Jazz department and am excited to see this department mature with Seattle. I believe the School of Music fully deserves great sound gear for great sounding concerts. A basic requirement of this situation is quality sound amplification equipment, available for our concert needs. I thoroughly endorse the acquisition of a quality sound system to improve the quality of work and presentation from students in the School of Music.

Douglas Niemela
DMA candidate, Music Composition

I've watched this department grow as an undergraduate student (2006-2011) and now as a graduate student and teaching assistant (2013-2015). In that time, the quality of education provided to the students and the level of student engagement in the discipline has increased dramatically and consistently. The department now throws a large-scale jazz festival every year, a major Northwest event, that's organized by faculty and students and hosts world-renowned jazz artists. The eyes and ears of the country are increasingly upon us, yet our facilities lack the kind of resources necessary to properly operate in rehearsals and performances--resources that are commonplace elsewhere. This equipment shortage is not only a disservice to the current students, but a major impediment to attracting the best new students from around the country. The strength of this program, in its ability to fully educate its current students, to host world-class performers, and to maintain a steady flow of promising recruits, is dependent upon acquiring the proposed educational tools.

Raymond Larsen
M.M., Jazz Studies


Group Funded Item Unit price Quantity Subtotal

Shure SM58

$99.00 10 $990.00

Shure SM-58 are road proven mics great for live concert use.


Durable Microphones are needed for on stage amplification of acoustic instruments and voice during performances.

Shure KSM-137

$299.00 2 $598.00

Shure KSM-137s are durable cardioid microphones for live instrument amplification


Microphones are needed for certain more delicate acoustic instruments (vibes or grand piano).


$99.00 1 $99.00

1 multi microphone case


Protection for new microphones in storage and transport

GA Project R1

$349.00 2 $698.00

Golde Age Poject R1 tube Mics for live application


These ribbon microphones are for delicate close microphone amplification of live acoutic instruments

Audio Mixer

Concert Audio Mixer

$1,990.00 1 $1,990.00

24 channel mixer with remote (iPad) control.


A sound mixer with minimum 24 channels of input and remote control ability, allows ample inputs, and flexible placement in spaces where seating can not be used to place a mix console.

Remote Controls

$600.00 2 $1,200.00

Apple iPads for remote control of specific mixer.


Remote controls for sound mixer. Allows movement within the hall while mixing without taking up seats.


$500.00 1 $500.00

1 road case sized for audio mixer


Protection of mixer in storage and in transport

Audio Processing

Concert Reverb System

$1,149.00 1 $1,149.00

Basic audio processor for live sound.


One professional reverb unit allows compensation for small halls to sound decent during live mixing. Basic audio unit for live sound.

Audio Cabling

Audio Cabling for Live

$25.00 30 $750.00

25 foot Quad Core XLR audio cabling for live sound (30 needed).


Quality audio cabling is needed to link all components together during live sound reinforcement.

Storage Spools

$439.00 2 $878.00

2 storage spools for audio cables.


Proper storage of many audio cables provides long life. Storage spools are convenient for portability.

Concert Guitar Amplifiers

Guitar Amplifiers

$1,099.00 2 $2,198.00

Basic good quality guitar amplifiers.


Proper Guitar amplifiers are lacking in our Jazz department. Current gear is noisy and very cheap.

Bass Guitar Amplifier

$699.00 1 $699.00

GK- Minibass MB150S-112III - Basic single unit bass amplifier - 150 watts


Our current bass amplifier noisy and too rough for concert use.

Concert Audio Speakers

Main speakers

$7,000.00 2 $14,000.00

Meyer UPA-1P pole speakers (2)


Full range and fully powered audio speakers are required for compact sound reinforcement in venues. These are road proven and excellent sounding stereo pair for live sound use.

Total requested: $25,749.00

Total funded: $25,749.00


Thank you.
-Doug Niemela

dougn — April 22, 2015 @ 2:23 p.m.

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