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Submitted April 22, 2015
Owner gshantz
Department Drama, School of
Category Collaborative
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  • Gretchen Shantz
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • 206-221-1597
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  • Kathy Burch
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  • Ron Kline
  • Director of Computing, Dean's Office, College of Arts & Sciences
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The School of Drama is a nexus for Digital Cinema Production courses that are open to all UW students across campus from different academic units. Both undergraduate and graduate students have access to the production studio in the basement of the Penthouse Theatre and all the equipment therein. And updated, state-of-the art video editing system will allow students to produce high quality work on industry standard equipment.

Category Justification

The College of Arts and Sciences originally created a CineMedia program with collaboration in mind. This program was open all UW students. This has now morphed into the Cinema and Media Studies program housed in the Department of Comparative Literature. Students pursuing this degree take classes in a variety of departments, including digital media courses in the School of Drama. Making a film, movie or video is not usually an individual process, it is a collaborative project that requires people to do different jobs. These people are students working together to stretch and test their ideas, choosing to show their ideas & work through a visual medium.


Currently the School of Drama has two Digital Video cameras that are used by students to create their work. There is only one video editing station. This can slow down the students' progress and create a level of frustration when it is time to complete their creative work. Having two stations will allow students more flexibility in scheduling access to the video editing systems.

The ability to create digital media has recently been extended to the casual user. Home-made videos from cell phones or digital cameras abound on the internet. The majority of these, however, are of poor quality, portraying a scene but with little professionalism and skill.

Students at the University of Washington want the capability to further their abilities and skills, enabling them to create professional-quality video that is intended to impress the viewer. Some want to create a promotional clip that showcases their subjects and their skills on the screen. Others want to create dramatic films, complete with sets, actors, lighting and sound. For either scenario, equipment sought by the School of Drama in this proposal will meet their needs.

Benefits to Students and the University

The undergraduate and graduate, as well as post graduate areas of the School of Drama all have direct contact with new media: from student film projects, to documenting theatrical events, to research archiving and new media presentations. Students regularly shoot and edit dramatic materials for a range of distributions. In addition, non-majors and students from other departments are able to get involved in theatrical productions and film projects that utilize this digital media equipment.

This equipment will allow one student or group of students to create digital media, but often many, many more students are involved in productions. In the short film mentioned above, the five actors used were either School of Drama graduate students or recent alumni. The 20 people behind the scenes included undergraduate and graduate students, as well as at least one faculty member. All gained skills and an impressive addition to their resume.

By offering this kind of equipment to our students, we can better position them for careers based on their study in the dramatic arts with an emphasis on applied cinema.

Departmental Endorsements

The cinema studies program is currently small in the number of students who register for the classes but it is huge in terms of the experience it provides for those students and the students who can use the equipment (cameras mostly). The students are inspired by the classes to make their own digital video projects. Many work together to support each others' ideas and projects. And there are also projects for the School of Drama PATP program, where they learn skills and have experiences that they can use to get a job in the digital video field. One former CineMedia student was the Instructional Media Tech at the Foster School of Business. And here is a website of another CineMedia student -
Thank you for your support. Gretchen Shantz - Computer Support Specialist

Installation Timeline

If funded, the hardware will be purchased in July 2015 and installed and configured before the Autumn 2015 classes begin.

Resources Provided by Department

The School of Drama provides many resources in conjunction with this equipment:

Facility space for secure storage of equipment of the dedicated editing suite
An established check-out system, including staff time
A Computing Specialist for instruction, troubleshooting and general operating assistance
TA's dedicated to provide instruction and support

Access Restrictions (if any)

Access to the digital media technology is granted to any UW student who either takes a digital media class or who can demonstrate basic competency in operating the hardware and software.

Student Endorsements

"My name is Coley Mixan, I am a second-year MFA candidate in the Photomedia department and a teaching assistant in the School of Drama. I am writing in support of the School of Drama's proposal for 2015-2016 Student Technology Fees. I would like to emphasize how important being able to learn on these new technologies is to a research-oriented video & cinema artist like myself (and many of our undergraduates). By having the capability of using industry-standards, we can not only create professional quality work but also represent the University of Washington as well trained cinematic-narrative-authorities that are capable of multilevel compositions and technological fluency in our field.

The processing levels required of video composition call for computing demands that outstrip our department's current Mac Pros. In order to allow our students to achieve their works at their highest capabilities, we need additional support from STF in order to gratify the appetite of our department for powerful video editing, processing, and capturing tools. With these funds, all of our students will have an opportunity to research and learn first hand on some of the most sought-after professional tools on the market. In order to stay competitive with other cinema programs across the nation, UW's School of Drama politely requests funds to help us allocate time and equipment to our hard-working students. Thank you for your time. "


" I am Timothy Han, a senior of CineMedia. I would like to add to Andrew's inquiry for a new 4K editing system for CineMedia.
I myself own and shoot with a 4K camera, and the computers on campus has not been powerful enough to accommodate the file size and codecs for the 4K files. This slows down productivity.

I am currently shooting my thesis film in 4K resolution (which is approximately 4x bigger than 1080p HD) and I just recently made a teaser trailer for it using the CineMedia computer in the Penthouse. It took quite a bit to edit a 1:00 minute long video because the computer is not capable of working with 4K.

Here is the trailer, shot in 4K and downscaled to a 1080p export:
Thank you for the consideration Best regards, Tim Han"


Group Funded Item Unit price Quantity Subtotal
Video Editing Hardware

Mac Pro

$6,800.00 1 $6,800.00

3.5GHz 6-core with 12MB of L3 cache
64GB (4x16GB) of 1866MHz DDR3 ECC
1TB PCIe-based flash storage
Dual AMD FirePro D700 GPUs with 6GB of GDDR5 VRAM each
User's Guide (English)
Accessory Kit
Pages, Numbers, Keynote
iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand
Logic Pro X


State of the Art video editing computer and second station for more student access.

Apple USB SuperDrive

$79.00 1 $79.00

Create customized DVDs with this Apple® SuperDrive 8x external DVD±RW/CD-RW drive that features support for double-layer media, so you can easily back up your important files. The built-in USB cable ensures simple connectivity.


For Students to be able take their work with them on media.

Promise 12TB RAID System

$2,300.00 1 $2,300.00

The Pegasus2 is the fastest Thunderbolt 2 storage solution available, delivering raw power for audio/video/graphics amateurs and professionals alike to experience new capabilities with ease. Final Cut professionals can ingest, edit, and playback multiple streams of ProRes 422 (HQ), ProRes 4444 as well as uncompressed HD 10-bit and 12-bit video while protecting valuable workflows, audio sessions, and other creative media content.


Video data is large and needs to be stored off of the computers so the processing of video editing is not compromised by a full Harddrive.

sales tax

$1,113.00 1 $1,113.00

Sales Tax for all items purchase from the Apple Store online.


Protection Plan for MacPro


$250.00 1 $250.00

For up to three years from your computer's original purchase date, the AppleCare Protection Plan gives you direct, one-stop access to Apple's award-winning telephone technical support for questions about Apple hardware, OS X, iLife, and iWork. Auto-enroll makes it even easier to protect this investment.


AppleCare provides three years of support and protection for the Mac Pro and it is a must have for all Apple products.

Video Editing Accessories

Apple Thunderbolt Display

$1,000.00 2 $2,000.00

Connect your Thunderbolt-enabled Mac to the Thunderbolt Display for a panoramic viewing experience unlike any other. This huge 27-inch glossy widescreen display features a cinematic 16:9 aspect ratio and an astonishing 2560-by-1440 resolution.
Tech Specs
Screen size: 27 inches (diagonal viewable)
Screen type: TFT Active-Matrix LCD
Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels
Color resolution: 16.7 million
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Brightness: 375 cd/m2
Contrast ratio: 1000:1
Frequency Response: 12 ms


When video editing it is important to have a good monitor with color correction and display reliability. Two monitors is industry standard practice for working in the software.

Apple Mouse

$50.00 1 $50.00

A wired mouse for the MacPro.


A must have items that we did not included in the MacPro quote. But would be purchased all together at the same time.

Apple Keyboard

$50.00 1 $50.00

A wired keyboard for the MacPro.


A must have items that we did not included in the MacPro quote. But would be purchased all together at the same time.

Apple Thunderbolt Cable

$40.00 1 $40.00

Thunderbolt technology supports fast data transfers with two independent channels of 10Gb/s each. And Thunderbolt 2 technology can bond the two channels for a superfast 20Gb/s. Use this cable to connect Thunderbolt-enabled devices to the Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt 2 port on your Mac.


This Cable is to connect the MacPro to the Promise Storage Array.

Apple Thunderbolt to Firewire Adapter

$30.00 1 $30.00

The Apple Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter connects to the Thunderbolt port on your Mac and supports a FireWire 800 connection. Use this adapter to connect to FireWire devices like hard drives and audio devices.


This adapter will enable other devices such as cameras and audio devices to be connected to the MacPro for fast transfer of data for editing.

Video Editing Software

Adobe Creative Cloud

$480.00 1 $480.00

The Adobe Creative Cloud includes Premiere Pro, After Effects and other industry standard software for the students to use and learn.


Video Editing software subscription needed to create and edit student movies & videos.

Total requested: $13,192.00

Total funded: $0.00


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