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Proposal ID 2015-079
Submitted April 22, 2015
Owner msehelp
Department Materials Science and Engineering, Department of
Category Computer Labs
Funding Status Partially Funded
Metric Score 2.64


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  • Laszlo Szeleczki
  • Sr. Computer Specialist
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  • 352120
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  • Yen Cone
  • Administrator
  • 2065432616
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  • Michael B. Bragg
  • Dean of COE
  • 206-543-1829
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We are requesting 12 new computers.
Our Graduate Student computer lab's computers are getting old and outdated. These are 32 bit Dell desktop computers, approximately 5-6 years old. The existing hard disk size is 80 GB, which is not enough for a modern MS OS/MS Office package/browsers installations. We would like to upgrade to the upcoming Windows 10 OS and have the proper hardware for it.

Category Justification

There is a total of 241 MSE students, 143 undergraduate students and 98 graduate students.

The Roberts Hall 131 computers lab runs on 12 Dell small factor units and 4 Apple iMac all-in-one machines. One of the iMacs has died and two others are getting very slow to boot. Out of the 12 Dell machines 2 of them have trouble with the video cards, which cannot be replaced. All DVD drives are broken and many of the front USB ports are not functioning.


Our Department has funded most of the Undergraduate computer lab's workstation purchases, in the last 2 years. However, additional funding is quite limited at this time, therefore, we need help from the STF organization.
Besides Graduates, many Undergraduates have to work with their senior counterparts, TAs, in this lab. There is a total of 241 MSE students (143 undergraduate students and 98 graduate students).
Most of the specialized software our students need are available through a connection to a Remote Desktop Server, which is provided by COE computing team. The list is extensive and includes needed packages such as; Ansys, Maple, Matlab, Solidworks, Tecplot, Mathematica, LabView. Certain software is not available on campus and it has to be installed individually. Although, most of the software like this is licensed free, the hardware requirements are steep. Without proper hardware, these programs cannot be run adequately.
No monitors are necessary and our Department will fund the security devices for each new computer.

Benefits to Students and the University

The new hardware will allow the latest operating system installation. This can boost the performance on specialized software packages. The hardware will have working DVD drives, USB 3 ports, better CPU, more RAM.
All students from our department, and others when they are working with our students, have access to this lab. Collaboration is regular among Graduates, Undergraduates, TAs, which takes places inside this lab.

Departmental Endorsements

Dear STF:
I fully support our students' requests for funding of these new computers, to improve MSE Graduate computer lab for both Graduates and Undergraduates This funding will greatly enhance students learning experiences in MSE.


Hong-Yen Cone, Administrator
Department of Materials Science & Engineering
University of Washington
302D Roberts Hall, Box 352120
Seattle, WA 98195-2120
Phone: 206-543-2616 ; Fax: 206-543-3100

Installation Timeline

Soon after the hardware arrives, the new units will be customized for the U.W. requirements and installed to the computer lab.

Resources Provided by Department

Each registered student use their NetID/UWID, which they use to login to the workstations.
Disaster recovery is managed by cloned Ghost images that allow recovering a compromised workstation within couple hours.
Printing is provided by Publishing Services with 1 satellite print centers in the computer lab.
Computer Support:
2 full time employees maintain the MSE Department computer and research facilities. One Senior Computer Specialist provides 90% of the support and the 1 technical personnel cover the additional 10% computing needs in the research labs.
Computer facilities:
Lab Roberts 131 – Graduate;
- 12 Dell workstations / 4 GB RAM, DVD-RW, Windows 7 Pro, Windows Office 2013 Pro, 24” SuperSharp Flat Display.
- 4 Apple iMac 24" / 4 GB RAM, OS 10.9, MS Office 2011, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD,
Lab Mueller 178 – Undergraduate:
- 14 Apple Mini computers, dual boot to Windows 7 Pro, / 4 GB RAM, DVD-RW, MS Office 2013, 18” UltraShap flat Display.
- 4 Apple iMac 24" / 4 GB RAM, Superdrive, OS 10.9, MS Office 2011, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD,
Mueller 178A – Servers:
- 2 Silicon Mechanics servers / AMD Opteron, 32 GB RAM, MS 2012 OS,
- 2 Dell PowerEdge 2560 servers/ 3 Ghz CPU, 2 GB RAM, 480 GB HD, Windows 2008 OS.
- 1 Apple Xserve server/ 1.0/2.0 Ghz CPU, 1/8 GB RAM, 160/80 GB HD, OS 10.6 server.

Access Restrictions (if any)

The COE registered students have 24/7 access to the computers. The log in system is through the NetID authentication method and each computer lab door has a combination lock, with coded access.

Student Endorsements

Hey Laszlo,
The graduate computer lab computers seem to be getting much slower. Is there any way to replace them soon?


Alex Henson
Graduate Student
Ohuchi Group
Materials Science & Engineering
University of Washington

Laszlo Szeleczki,

I'd like to say that using STF funds for new computers for student use would be very helpful. It's obvious the current computers are old and slow, which makes working on them difficult. When I was trying to run simulation software on one of them, it was much slower than it should have been, forcing me to work several hours longer than it would have taken on a newer and faster computer.

Matthew Crank

Dear Laszlo-

As you may know, our MSE graduate student computer lab could really use some upgrades. If STF money could be allotted to replace some of the computers or maybe even include a printer in our grad computer lab it would be extremely useful to myself and my fellow students.

Best Regards,

Jessica Tjalsma

Jessica Tjalsma

Graduate Research Assistant, Ohuchi/Olmstead Group
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
University of Washington, Seattle
Ph: 206-679-3866


Group Funded Item Unit price Quantity Subtotal
computer lab

Lenovo desktop

$921.00 8 $7,368.00

Lenovo ThinkStation P300 30AK - Core i5 4690 3.5 GHz - 8 GB - 1 TB

1 x Core i5 4690 / 3.5 GHz
HD Graphics 4600


UW contract item from CDW on the eProcurement web site.

Lenovo ThinkStation P300 30AK - Core i5 4690 3.5 GHz - 8 GB - 1 TB
Lenovo Corporate
Mfg. Part: 30AK000MUS | CDW Part: 3409444 | UNSPSC: 43211515



$1,500.00 1 $1,500.00

Shipping and handling, plus tax to be paid.


U.W. is required to pay tax on all purchases.

Total requested: $12,552.00

Total funded: $8,868.00


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