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Submitted April 22, 2015
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Department Friday Harbor Laboratories
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  • Alan Cairns
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  • Scott Schwinge
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  • Dr. Lisa J. Graumlich
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Students at Friday Harbor Labs routinely need to create scientific posters for conferences and for the end of courses/apprenticeships. Logistics prohibit students using the poster printing facilities available on the main campus. We currently have a 10-year old poster printer that was funded through STF but as a result of constant use it is now making random and increasingly nasty noises along with needing to repeat print jobs due to imperfections and may not last much longer. We propose purchasing an HP Z5200 printer to replace it.

Category Justification

STF Category - Computer Labs
This proposal requests a needed replacement of our wide format printer in the computer lab.


The Friday Harbor Laboratories ( are the University’s primary field station for the study of marine biology and related disciplines.

We presently have as many as 70 students in residence full-time during any one session. Hundreds more (annually more than 1,500) make shorter, research oriented field trips to FHL. Undergraduate students attend for a full quarter in spring or autumn (10-11 weeks) receiving 15-16 credits, while in summer undergraduates and graduate students attend 5-week courses, of 9 credits each. Our Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program has expanded, giving undergrads hands on experience in the areas of Integrative Biology and Ecology of marine organisms. Graduate students often conduct research on site for more than a year. Commonly three or more courses are taught simultaneously, and these are concurrent with the work of 20-30 graduate students and independent researchers.

In addition to the standard lectures and labs common on the Seattle campus, students in most FHL classes usually conduct a self-directed research project related to the course content. This involves collection of data in the field or lab, analysis of these data, and the presentation of their results through written and oral reports.

The Laboratories are a division of the UW College of the Environment, but our instructors are recruited from various departments. In 2014 we will have faculty participating from UW Oceanography, Biology, Fisheries, Program on the Environment, Sociology, the Applied Physics Lab, and even English (due to the new creative writing aspect of our fall MBQ class). Our visiting instructors will be coming from universities in California, Oregon, Hawaii, Arizona, New Mexico, Illinois, North & South Carolina, Alabama, New York, Canada, and Germany. Classes from the Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma UW campuses visit the Laboratories on field trips. Thus, the learning experience at Friday Harbor is a collaborative effort in many disciplines, involving participation by many different academic units.

It is not uncommon to hear students say that their experience at FHL was “the most valuable of my academic career." Students especially value the free access to facilities and research tools at our Labs, as evidenced by these comments in our 2013 exit surveys:
"I have had a great and very memorable 5 weeks here. Thanks to the staff, professors and facilities at FHL. I would recommend it to others, and I hope to come back sometime soon." "Excellent experience -- thank you!" "This place is wonderful. I will truly miss it!" "I loved my experience here at FHL. I can't wait to come back."

The computer lab is a central location for students to meet and collaborate. Students make use of software that is too expensive for them to buy such as ArcGIS, MATLAB, Adobe Creative Suite, Primer, SigmaPlot, SPSS, and many more.

Benefits to Students and the University

Being on an island many hours via ferry and car from the main campus it is essential our students have access to the same resources as main campus. This printer will allow students to create the work they need without a long ferry ride and drive to the main campus. Many of our students travel to conferences around the country and world and need a reliable hard copy of their poster prior to departure. Many students create posters for classes and the end of apprenticeships. Having a poster printer available on the island is invaluable in allowing this to happen.

Departmental Endorsements

Dr. Billie Swalla, Director:
The University of Washington's Friday Harbor Laboratories has continued our world-class research apprenticeship program for undergraduates, with a new endowment for student support. This intense training program includes major reliance upon state-of-the-art research tools to permit undergraduate students to learn how to plan, conduct and present scientific research.
FHL's undergraduate educational effort have also been supported generously by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Microsoft, Mary Gates Endowment, Washington Research Foundation, and others. In addition, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded FHL for the past six years to carry out an undergraduate REU summer Program, which has been combined with our existing Blinks endowment and money from BEACON to support 15-18 undergraduates conducting research at FHL each summer. Many of our other undergraduate classes, in fall spring and summer, also include research projects by the students.
FHL is continuously working to provide increased financial support to all its programs, including explicitly, instructional and research training efforts, from non-State of Washington sources (private foundations, individuals, and federal sources). This initiative has resulted in development of support up to about 75% of the apprenticeship program from non-UW sources. However, this also requires, as a crucial prerequisite, stable support for our physical plant and supplemental support for student technology tools. Thus STF support of this kind continues to be fundamentally important leverage.
Our proposal this year is to update our poster printer, which allows undergraduate students and graduate students to print posters at FHL in order to share their research at conferences and meetings. This is the only place on FHL campus to print posters, unlike UW campus which has several major facilities. It adds at least a day of travel time if students. have to print their posters on UW campus Students frequently are traveling to present their research and it is very important to be sure that their poster is printed correctly and the data is shown accurately.
Therefore, I strongly support this initiative by Alan Cairns, and urge its support by the STF.

Dr. Megan Dethier, Associate Director of Academics and the Environment:
The FHL poster printer gets used by a variety of undergraduates for a variety of purposes. Some classes require students to create and print a poster of their research efforts, as part of a curriculum segment on learning to communicate science to diverse audiences. Summer students doing research at FHL sometimes make posters at that time, but more commonly they find themselves encouraged to go present their results at a professional meeting later, and need to print a poster at that time. While numerous poster-printing options exist on the Seattle campus, FHL has the only university printer on San Juan Island; if other printing options exist, they are very expensive and not likely to be able to print in a timely fashion. Thus it is very important for us to have a functioning poster printer

Installation Timeline

Once the money has been released for the poster printer an order will be placed immediately and installed once received.

Resources Provided by Department

Friday Harbor Labs provides a computer lab available 24/7 with all the computers and software necessary for students to design and print scientific posters. Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office and many open source packages such as GIMP are on all computers.

Access Restrictions (if any)

The computer lab is available to students 24/7 via a key code provided at the beginning of each term. The poster printer driver is on two select computers in the lab and can be printed to with the intervention of lab staff between 8AM and 6PM Monday through Friday. Many out of hours print jobs have been made with appropriate communication between the student and staff.

Student Endorsements

Laura Newcomb, grad student:
The poster printer at FHL has been a valuable tool for sharing my research with a wide range of audiences. I have used the printer to create posters for scientific conferences. Having access to a printer on the island makes it possible to produce a better quality poster rather than having to go off island for a day to look for another place to print. I have also used the printer to create posters for outreach exhibits at FHL's open house. These outreach-targeted posters are useful for both sharing our research at open house events, and as a clear reference to the research we do when giving various groups tours of the lab. Without, the printer at FHL, it would be much more difficult to make these posters and share our science.

Derek Smith, grad student:
I started in the Biology Graduate Program in Winter of 2011. I spent my first two quarters on main campus in Seattle and them moved up to Friday Harbor Laboratories where I have been ever since. Although I pay the same tuition as all graduate students, yet not having the same resources as students on main campus, FHL has never seemed lacking in any of the necessities for making successful progress toward my degree.
For the past decade I have attended many conferences and always given oral presentations. In Spring of 2013, I registered for a conference and decided, for the first time ever, to present a poster about the educational outreach opportunities to K-12 students at the lab. Surprisingly, I had never printed out a poster so I went to Alan Cairns and asked about the possibility of printing the poster and he told me the lab had a poster printer students could use. Our poster turned out great and I was able to get everything done I needed to for this conference right here at the lab. Having to do this on main campus would have cost a lot of time and money and may have made me reconsider presenting a poster at a conference. I am very thankful we have these kinds of basic services available to our research community at FHL!

Katie Dobkowski, grad student:
Having a poster printer at Friday Harbor Labs is essential for students (both graduate and undergraduate) at the labs because it allows for poster preparation well in advance of meetings or other events without the necessity of a trip to main campus. I have taken advantage of this resource in the past and sincerely hope to continue to have a poster printer available for use at FHL in the future.

Rebecca Guenther, grad student:
Routinely, students doing their work at Friday Harbor Labs are traveling directly to conferences from Friday Harbor Labs, and having a poster printer here on campus is essential.  If I need a poster printed, and there is a mistake or it doesn't look the way I want, re-printing it is a possibility, providing I've printed the first copy with enough time to remedy any mistakes.  Since there is no other place to get my poster printed on Friday Harbor Island (no Kinko's here), if FHL did not have a poster printer, I would have to go to the mainland to print my poster, and if there was a mistake, re-printing it would be stressful and possibly not feasible due to time and traveling constraints.

Josh Swore, grad student
I used the FHL poster printer to present my work at the Society of Developmental Biology conference July 2014. This allowed me to continue gathering data up to the minute I needed to print. Within a couple of hours I was able to have a trial print and final draft printed. If I had needed to print my poster in Seattle, it is likely that I would have had to leave the island a couple days before hand to get an accurate print of my work. I would never have been able to get the last couple of experiments in that ended up on my poster. Having a poster printer at FHL allows researchers to print their best best work without having to stress over where and how to print their posters.


Group Funded Item Unit price Quantity Subtotal

HP Z5200

$4,008.76 1 $4,008.76

CDW-G Quote:

Item No. 2105579
HP DJ Z5200 44" PS
Mfg#: CQ113A#B1K
Contract: Washington HP WSCA NASPO
B27164 T10-MST-297

Shipping included per Melissa Neuman, Account Manager for CDW-G


This is a wide format (44") postscript printer capable of creating scientific posters for students attending conferences and submitting posters for courses and apprenticeships when required. The proposed printer is a replacement for a failing wide format printer (HP 800ps) that has seen hundreds of student posters printed since it was installed 10 years ago thanks to STF funds.

Inkjet cartridges

$105.33 0 $0.00

CDW-G e-Procurement quote:

HP 772 - photo black - original - ink cartridge
Mfg. #: CN633A | CDW #: 2145224
Color: Photo black
Qty: 1

HP 772 - matte black - original - ink cartridge
Mfg. #: CN635A | CDW #: 2145227
Color: Matte black

HP 772 - cyan - original - ink cartridge
Mfg. #: CN636A | CDW #: 2145228
Color: Cyan
Qty: 1

HP 772 - yellow - original - ink cartridge
Mfg. #: CN630A | CDW #: 2145221
Color: Yellow
Qty: 1

HP 772 - light gray - original - ink cartridge
Mfg. #: CN634A | CDW #: 2145226
Color: Light gray
Qty: 1

HP 772 - magenta - original - ink cartridge
Mfg. #: CN629A | CDW #: 2145220
Color: Magenta
Qty: 1

HP 772 - light magenta - original - ink cartridge
Mfg. #: CN631A | CDW #: 2145222
Color: Light magenta
Qty: 1

HP 772 - light cyan - original - ink cartridge
Mfg. #: CN632A | CDW #: 2145223
Color: Light cyan
Qty: 1


This is an 8 cartridge inkjet printer and ships with a barely useable introductory cartrdge of each color. We would like to obtain a set of 300-ml ink cartridges: Matte Black, Photo Black, Light Gray, Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta, and Yellow .

Sales Tax

$465.73 1 $465.73


Total requested: $5,317.13

Total funded: $4,474.49


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