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Proposal ID 2015-073
Submitted April 21, 2015
Owner hlui
Department Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Office of
Category Computer Labs
Funding Status Fully Funded
Metric Score 4.17


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  • Henry Lui
  • Senior Computer Specialist
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  • Nanette Rosenthal
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  • Ed Taylor
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Replacement of 15 desktop workstations purchased from the Office of Minorty Affairs 2010-084-1.

Replacement of 18 Laptops purchased from the Clue/ASP 2008-063-1 (12 laptops) 2011-068-1 (6 laptops) for use in the Commuter Commons and CLUE.

Add a Husky Print Station for Clue use.

Provide Cell phone charging stations for students visiting the Commuter Commons and Clue Programs.

Category Justification

All equipment will be used in a lab setting. The All-in-one desktops would be in a permanent lab setting in MGH 141/171 with operating hours of Sunday 6pm-Midnight, M-Th 8am-Midnight and F 8am-5pm. The Laptops and cell phone charging would be available for Clue students during Commuter commons hours M-Th 8am-7pm, F 8am-5pm as well as S-Th 6pm-Midnight. Computer imaging software will be installed on all of the the workstations.


Currently the workstation in the computer in MGH141/171 are at the end of its life cycle. These workstations are from the STF 2010-084-1. Students throughout the day use the them from 8am-Midnight. Students use the space as a study area, writing/corroboratory space and general lab use during the day. In the evening hours,CLUE's writing center utilized the lab untill midnight.

Refresh our laptops will enable students using CLUE to finish coursework and complete assignments. We encourage them to stay and check out one of our 17 CLUE laptops but with about 40,000 visits per year we can only serve a small fraction of the need. Having more laptops allows CLUE to academically support students in completing their homework, write papers, or search for supplemental resources. We are asking for 12 new laptops.

Students use CLUE's laptop check-out system to submit online homework and gain access to online academic resources and research.
Currently, the laptop check-out system is utilizing the 12 laptops from the 2008-063-1 and 5 laptops from 2013-031.

Students have suggested that a Husky Print station be available during CLUE hours. Currently the only Husky Print station availible during CLUE hours is in OUGL library. Providing a Husky Print Station would be beneficial CLUE users in the evening without having to leave MGH.

Students have requested each quarter to use computers in the space and a device charging station. Often we do not have enough outlets for students to chart their phones and their computers and we do not have any computers for student use currently. The use of computers that students could check out in the space (not to be removed) would be beneficial for group work and lessen the overall burden of students having to bring more items to campus.

Benefits to Students and the University

This proposal seeks to enhance the resources available for CLUE participants by providing computer access to students as well better tutoring support in their academic struggles through efficiently using technology to send information to many students at once.

Departmental Endorsements

LeAnne Wiles, Director, First Year Programs
The Commuter Commons was a project that we scheduled into our budget but primary focused on paying undergraduate students to run the space. We had no idea that students would use the space at almost maximum capacity every day! First Year Programs and Academic Support Programs are funded by a one time student fee. There are many technology initiatives that would enhance the space, but we are limited with our budget. Access to computers and charging stations would greatly enhance the student experience in the space. On a typical day in the Commuter Commons you will find new mother pumping milk in the lactation room, while a student from Bothell relaxes before their next bus, a group of students working on a class project, and a long line for the coveted microwave. The Commuter Commons fills the gap for those students that cannot stay in the residence hall, but still want to attend an event at 6pm on campus or have a four hour gap from classes and would like to work out but need to store their books. A true home away from home.

Installation Timeline

The proposed upgrades to the Lab could take place immediately upon receipt of the requested funds.

Resources Provided by Department

The office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs provides computer support for Academic Support Programs. 2.5 staff members are available to answer questions and provide technical support as needed.

Access Restrictions (if any)

The access to the workstations/laptops is restricted to UW netids and will not be available to the general public.

Student Endorsements

Thao Nguyen, Lead Physics Tutor
Almost every general physics class currently has their homework viewed and submitted online. I have witnessed students who are commuters and don’t want to carry their laptops around all day rely on CLUE laptops. However, due on CLUE’s shortage of resources as well as the outdated system of the electronic devices, the students weren’t able to use CLUE’s laptops to do homework and ended up trying to looking at their homework via their tiny-screen smartphones. This is extremely hard for both the students and the tutors to view the problem which badly affect our productivity. As a CLUE tutor as well as a CLUE user, I have tried to use CLUE’s laptop once and thought of never doing that again because it took me almost an hour to start up/sign in/and load the computer. It was extremely an ineffective use of time. Therefore, I certainly agree that CLUE needs new laptops.
Also, I think we need a printer for students at CLUE too. Again, it is all about productivity and efficiency. Especially for the writing center, students need to work alternatively on computers and paper. Having a printer nearby would help them and the tutors working with them a lot more. Furthermore, with a perspective of a student, I would feel safe to stay in one building late at night to complete my homework rather than walking around in the dark.
Thank you for listening to my opinion and I appreciate that my voice heard.
Chloe Huber; Math Tutor

More laptops for student use would be a great help for the Math Section at CLUE. As someone who has been attending and working for CLUE for over 8 years, I have witnessed the steady increase of math courses whose homework is viewed and submitted online. Now, as the 300 level classes adopt this system, it becomes impossible to view and work on math assignments without access to a computer. The incredible length and number of these assignments makes them unrealistic to print, and the variation in the assignments means that friends cannot share a computer. The laptops at CLUE have always been a popular and indispensable resource, not only because students must submit their homework online, but because a large number of students who come to CLUE are commuters who would otherwise have to carry around a computer, case, and charger all day. More and more often, we do not have enough laptops for students on the nights that homework is due.
Homework for math, physics and chemistry classes are submitted online and due at 11:55PM, making CLUE and Odegaard very popular resources and the only places to access computers and printers late at night. We need more laptops and computers to accommodate the volume of students we see each night. A printer in Mary Gates Hall would also benefit students who want to work on papers or print problem sets, and would otherwise have to walk home late at night to use their personal printer and walk back to make an appointment with a tutor.
Cameron Walters, Physics tutor
It is important for students to have excellent access to computers while at CLUE. Lecture homework and lab reports are all completed online for the introductory physics courses. I also often use physics Youtube videos to help students with concepts, so it is helpful when students have access to computers.
The existing laptops are in need of replacing because they have poor battery life and finicky issues that often cause them to freeze. Battery life is important because Mary Gates does not have enough outlets all students to plug in their computers, and some tables do not have a nearby outlet. The current computers have less than 2 hrs battery life, so students need to stay plugged in to do their homework. I have also seen multiple computers freeze-up on a student during the middle of a tutoring session. These issues seem more frequent than what is expected from an up to date computer.
The CLUE center could also make excellent use of a printer for student use. CLUE is open until midnight, and the nearby Allen and Suzallo printing center is only open until 10pm. Adding a printer would allow students to print necessary documents late at night, when the only other option is far away at Odegaard.
Zena Hamzah, Math Tutor
As a commuter and a regular visitor at CLUE, I find the availability of laptops and tablets for checkout very useful in my study process. As the learning system on campus has become more computerized in recent years, the availability of laptops and tablets on campus allows me to be able to work on assignments at any time, thus increasing my productivity. Since laptops are becoming more incorporated in our studies, the availability of laptops and tablets for checkout is essential. However, with the outdated condition of the laptops and the limited availability, it is difficult for students to access these resources, especially during exam week, where multiple students end up having to share laptops in order to study on campus.
With more courses implementing online homework and lecture notes, it is often difficult for students to share laptops when working on assignments, because the numbers and the order of homework problems differ, hence students have to take turns logging in and off the same computer.
As a math tutor at CLUE, the availability of computers, especially tablets, also helps increase work productivity because it allowed me to save the work process of multiple homework problems. Until today, tutoring process at CLUE is still heavily based on pen and paper, and scratch papers tend to get misplaced or disregarded by the end of the night. Tablets are especially helpful when I need to explain some concepts multiple times. I could also send the work process via email to multiple students, making the study process more organized. Moreover, the availability of public printers in Mary Gates Hall would also help students in their study, because it allows them to save time when they need to print their homework/course materials. Therefore, the provision of laptops, tablets, and printers would be beneficial not just for the tutoring process at CLUE, but also for the students to reach effectiveness in their studies.
Jesse Ashworth, Lead Math Tutor
For essentially all students enrolled in introductory level math courses at the UW, from Math 120 to 126, online access is a necessity in order to complete WebAssign homework and look up concepts on the internet if necessary. As a result, students require a computer in order to get homework help while at CLUE if they don't want to print out their assignments--which would otherwise take up an exorbitant amount of paper. The laptops and lab computers that CLUE has provided for checkout have proved an indispensable resource as a result for students who either don't have their own laptop or don't want to lug their laptops all the way from where they live. Unfortunately, many of these check-out laptops have turned out to be defective in that students are unable to log into them, which has proved quite the hassle for the students. There are also currently only ten lab computers available, and these are often taken up very quickly, which leaves students high and dry if they need to work on a regular desktop computer. Moreover, with the increase in the number of upper-division math classes that utilize online homework, more and more students have requested laptop access at CLUE, and we simply do not have enough laptops to satisfy every student's need. I thus implore you to grant newer, working laptops and lab computers to help meet the demand of students who are unable to utilize CLUE to meet their needs without one.
Many students who come to CLUE also ask about printing; something that is extremely helpful, if not necessary, for students who need to print out papers they're getting help on at the Writing Center so that they can be annotated more easily by both the student and tutor. And it's not just students who utilize the Writing Center; those who come to CLUE for many subjects want to print out assignments so that they can physically write on them. In the math section, students constantly utilize scratch paper to write out their work and solutions for homework problems. For many people, writing this work out directly on the assignment helps them organize their work so that they can more easily return to a problem and have their accompanying work for it written out with the problem statement. Having a printer available at CLUE would thus be an extremely helpful resource for students, who otherwise need to go to Suzallo or Odegaard for their printing needs.
As someone who frequents the HUB Commuter Commons both to hang out and to tutor, I'm increasingly aware that many commuting students need computer access and must go as far as the Suzzalo-Allen libraries to access one. On top of the students who simply don't have a computer, many would prefer not to lug their laptop around on their commute and thus don't bring it to campus. As a result, the number of people who are able to complete computer work at the Commuter Commons has been reduced to those who bring their own laptops. Furthermore, CLUE currently provides weekly math tutoring at the Commuter Commons for commuting students, and the fact that most students need computer access to get help with their homework results in commuters being unable to fully take advantage of this vital resource. The Commuter Commons prides itself with being able to provide resources to commuting students; access to check-out laptops is an immensely important resource that many students could take advantage of, thus giving them the opportunity to utilize the Commuter Commons to the fullest extent possible.

Mourya Mamidala, Senior, Economics major
As a student who attends CLUE almost every night I have seen the success of a program that has helped thousands of students with their academics ambitions. Besides the excellent staff what has contributed to my success has been support through resources like the writing center computer lab and the ability to work with my fellow peers in an environment with easily accessible laptops. I hope that in the future CLUE will continue to receive the support of the university to accommodate the technology needs of our students and ensure that CLUE is a reliable place to access computers and other equipment like printers which students need to succeed in their academic endeavors.

Anton Leitner, Junior
On my back every day I carry to school with me roughly 1lb worth of ancillary supplies, a few notebooks totaling 2lbs, a 5.5lb computer, and finally the backpack itself coming in around 6lbs. During my 35 minute commute I will activate the 3G on my phone in order to properly stream Spotify radio, consequently leaving me with a phone that is only 70% charged by the time I roll into my first class at 8:30; and about 65% when I am finally able to stop by the Commuter Commons to make my first pit stop of the day. While the comm comm is able to provide some truly invaluable resources such as phone charges and laptops, the availability of these tools is inconsistent. So out of necessity for preparedness I am forced to haul around a weighty computer that adds a significant straining force to my back as well as my only phone charger whose quality deteriorates with every migration to and from school. As much as I’d love to alleviate the strain on my back and mind by leaving these things at safely at home, I am not yet able to fully rely on the comm comm to provide what I need on a daily basis. My story is a fairly common one amongst the commuter community. Thus it becomes clear that increasing the available computers and chargers is crucial to establishing an unwavering faith in the academic and social support that commuter commons strives to provide.

Allison Messenger, Sophomore
As a college student, I know that most of the homework is either posted online or needs to be turned in online. I am constantly doing homework on my laptop and hardly ever turn in hard copy assignments. This requires all students to have internet access for schoolwork, so having new laptops available in the commuter commons would be a great benefit for the students who use the space but don't have their own personal laptop. Some days multiple students ask for laptops to check out, but with our limited number we cannot provide to all students who need to use them. Adding more to the ones we have would be a great resource for them to use. In addition, most students have phones that need charging. Throughout the day, whether they use phones to check email or just simply communicate with friends, battery runs low. There is a limited amount of outlets in the space, so having a cell phone charging station would relieve some of the outlets for other purposes and allow most students who have phones that need to be charged to use the station so they can use their phone throughout the day.

Nadine Mortell, Senior
I work in the Commuter Commons and see students everyday that need more technology resources. We have 2 computers available for students that are almost always checked out. Even with those computers we have students constantly waiting for one to be returned so they can check it out next! A lot of our commuting students are spending hours on campus and find it really inconvenient to carry their personal computers around all day. And because they are on campus all day, they desperately need phone chargers! For those students that use their smart phones instead of their computers, their phone batteries do not last as long. The large number of students that use our space would really utilize a phone charging station and greatly appreciate it!

As a commuter student, I love the Commuter Commons. It has everything that a commuter student would want: printing station, eating space, CLUE tutoring, and a network of fellow commuting students. However, I wish that the CommComm some computers that we could use to do school work; it would be nice to not have to lug my laptop to school. As a commuting student, I am already having to bring all my books, lunch (and dinner). Having to bring one less bulky thing would make my commute my easier. And it would also be an incentive for me to use the CommComm more often.


Group Funded Item Unit price Quantity Subtotal
Desktop Computer

OptiPlex 9030 All-in-One

$1,199.00 15 $17,985.00

Intel® Core™ i5-4590S Processor (Qual Core, 6MB, 3.00GHz w/HD4600 Graphics) edit
Operating System(s)
Windows 7 Professional English/French 64bit (Includes Windows 8.1 Pro license) edit
Dell Data Protection |Encryption Security SW
No DDPE Encryption Software edit
DDP|Protected Workspace
None edit
Microsoft Application Software
No Office License Included edit
Photo and Video Editing
None edit
Protect your new PC
No Anti-Virus SW edit
Digitally Delivered Software
None edit
8GB (2x4GB) 1600MHz DDR3L Memory edit
Hard Drive
2.5inch 500GB 7200RPM Hard Drive edit
8x Slimline DVD+/-RW Drive edit
US English (QWERTY) Dell KB212-B QuietKey USB Keyboard Black edit
Dell MS111 USB Optical Mouse edit
Multi-Select Monitors
None edit
Monitors and Stands (Additional Monitors)
None edit
Configuration Services
None edit
Integrated Basic Stand edit
23 IN WLED Full-HD AIO Non-Touch Display edit
Cable Cover
None edit


Keyboards & Mice
None edit


Hardware Support Services
5 Year Hardware Service with Onsite/In-Home Service After Remote Diagnosis edit
Complete Care
None edit
Keep Your Hard Drive
None edit
Data Protection Offers
None edit
Installation Services
None edit
Absolute Computrace
None edit
Logistics - Drop in Box Accessories
None edit


None edit
None edit
Business Essentials
None edit
Speakers and Headsets
None edit
External Speakers
No External Speaker edit

Also included in this system

The following options are default selections included with your order

OptiPlex 9030 AIO BTX
Windows 8.1 English OS Recovery - DVD
Intel® Integrated Graphics
PowerDVD Software not included
Camera Software
Up to 90% efficient PSU Base 58.4cm (23 INCH) Non-touch with Camera, Integrated
No Accessories
No Additional Hard Drive
Regulatory Label, Non Touch
Intel® Dual Band Wireless-N 7260 2x2 AC + Bluetooth 4
Dell Wireless 7260 Software
Safety/Environment and Regulatory Guide (English/French Multi-language)
System Power Cord (English)
Windows 7 Downgrade
Intel vPro Technology Enabled
Dell Backup and Recovery Basic
1-Watt BIOS
Heat Sink, Dell OptiPlex 9030 AIO
No Resource DVD
English and French Techsheet
US No Canada Ship Charge
ENERGY STAR Version 6.0
Print on Demand Label
Shipping Material For AIO
Intel Core I5 vPro Label
No Intel Rapid Start or Smart Connect
BTS/BTP Shipment


Dell all in one desktop would be an ideal solution for the computer lab, Space is an concern and this workstation is the right size for our lab. Current lab has 20in 4:3 ratio monitors. 23in workstations in the 16:10 ratio has the same footprint as our current workstation plus we will gain space without having the cpu tower.


Inspiron 15 5000 Series

$999.00 18 $17,982.00

5th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-5500U Processor (4M Cache, up to 3.00 GHz) edit
Operating System
Windows 7 Professional English 64bit (includes Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit License and Media) edit
Microsoft Application Software
No Office License Included edit
Protect your new PC
McAfee LiveSafe 12 Month Subscription edit

For customers purchasing this digitally delivered software, a high-speed internet connection is recommended.
Learn More
Digitally Delivered Software
None edit


Wireless Driver, 3160 edit
Photo and Video Editing
None edit


4 Year ProSupport with Next Business Day Onsite Service edit
Accidental Damage Service
None edit


Top 5
None edit
Docking & Additional Displays
None edit
Connectivity & Additional Adapters
None edit
Headphones & Earbuds
None edit
Dell Printers
None edit
Laptop Bags
None edit
Financial Software
None edit
Software solutions
None edit

Also included in this system

The following options are default selections included with your order

Inspiron 15 5000 Series
8GB 2 DIMM (2x4GB) DDR3L 1600Mhz
1TB 5400 rpm SATA Hard Drive
Intel® HD Graphics 5500
15.6 inch LED Backlit Display with Truelife and HD resolution (1366 x 768)
Intel® Centrino® Wireless-AC 3160 + Bluetooth 4.0
Documentation, English-French
Backlit Keyboard
Power Cord, 125V,1M,US
System Driver
Additional Information
Retail Software - All Win7
3-cell Lithium Ion (43WHr) Battery
Energy Star 6.0
Retail POD
Shipping Material
FastAccess Facial Recognition 4, Digital Delivery (FastAccess Anywhere)
Intel® Core™ I7 Label
Palmrest Label
Additional Software
65 Watt AC Adapter
Windows 8.1 English OS Recovery - DVD
BTS shipment


The Dell laptops provide speed as well as portability for students to use during CLUE. The 5th Gen Intel Processors provide adequate run time without having to be constantly plugged into a power outlet as well as provide up to date computing power to run applications.


Dawg Prints Station

$0.00 1 $0.00

Dawg Prints Station


Dawg Prints Station cost will be determined by Creative Communications.


Deep Freeze License

$52.98 33 $1,748.34

Deep Freeze Enterprise License and yearly maintenance for 4 years


imaging software to keep clean images for the workstations.


Universal cell phone charging station

$274.85 4 $1,099.40

4x micro USB (Non Apple Devices)
3x Apple Lightning (iPhone 5 & Newer)
2x Apple 30 Pin (iPhone 4 & Older)
1x Standard female USB outlet. (Use any charging cable)


Students have requested each quarter to use computers in the space and a device charging station. Often we do not have enough outlets for students to chart their phones and their computers and we do not have any computers for student use currently. The use of computers that students could check out in the space (not to be removed) would be beneficial for group work and lessen the overall burden of students having to bring more items to campus.

The charging station we have selected have been used by other universities (Virginia Tech) and has a good longevity. The charging station does not require any additional power and can charge 10 devices at once. We would like to purchase 4 stations.


Sales Tax

$3,687.40 1 $3,687.40

Sales tax


Sub total

Total requested: $42,502.14

Total funded: $42,502.14


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