Proposal ID 2015-059
Submitted January 22, 2015
Owner ClassroomTechnology
Department Classroom Support Services
Category Portable
Funding Status Partially Funded
Metric Score 4.17


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  • Patrick Roberts
  • Associate Director
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  • Bill Ferris
  • Chief Financial Officer
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  • Kelli Trosvig
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Classroom Technology and Events is committed to the continued successful operation of the STF/SAF Technology Loan Program as it has since 2002. The students at the University of Washington are in need of many different kinds of technology to support their vast educational demands. Most students do not have the resources available to purchase or rent such items, so they require free access to the technology that will assist in building their education. Classroom Technology & Events has a program (STF/SAF Technology Loan Program) that loans technology to any UW Seattle student, including graduate and professional students, for free. There are two convenient locations where UW students may borrow equipment from: the basement of Kane Hall 035 and in the I-Court Rotunda of the Health Sciences Building I-146. These locations are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The STF committee provides funds for the equipment purchases, and the SAF committee provides the funds for the salaries and fringe benefits of the student staff. This request helps continue the service from these two locations.

Students have the opportunity to reserve items in advance, for when they need them, by visiting our website ( at any time. Most equipment is available for 7 business-day checkout periods with select equipment available for 14 and 31 business-day checkout periods. We also have a same day, 2 business-day checkout program for last minute emergency needs in the I-Court of the Health Sciences Building.

Many of the items we are requesting are to replace items that are failing or have already failed due to heavy use. Because of the changes made by the Student Tech Fee Committee, we are now required to keep our equipment in service for 4 years. This puts a heavier strain on the items that we check out, and is part of the reason why we request very robust equipment. These include: Dell laptops, Apple MacBooks, Digital SLR cameras, Canon telephoto lens, Canon fixed lens DSLR cameras, and small lightweight tripods. Additionally, we are requesting equipment that has consistently been asked for by students. These include: monopod tripods, Wacom Digital Illustration tablets, 250GB External Solid State Drives, Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 16GB Tablets and Windows Surface Pro 3 tablets. As well we are requesting an additional Apple Desktop to help with the additional imaging that is needed as we acquire more laptops.

Category Justification

This proposal is submitted in the new Portable category. This proposal is identical in nature to our previous proposal (Loan Program 2014-051-1) that was given as an example in the Collaborative and Portable section. This program's sole function is the free loan of technology to all UW Seattle students. The program is managed by students and this request is generated through student requests as to what types of equipment they want to borrow.


Since 2002, Classroom Technology & Events (formerly Classroom Support Services) has operated a highly popular free equipment loan program. It became so popular that Classroom Services helped open a second office in the Health Sciences Building in Autumn of 2005.

As awareness about our program has spread, student population and student demand has increased, we have proportionally increased our equipment pool through grants from the STF Committee. In recent years, we have focused upon maintaining the pool and updating equipment as technology advances. For example, a few years ago we purchased iPad 2 computer tablets to address numerous requests from students through online surveys. Currently, these tablets are always completely booked out. Our program loans out an array of laptop computers, computer tablets, data projectors, projection screens, digital cameras, camera lenses, DSLR accessories, digital video cameras, digital drawing tablets hard drives, wireless microphone systems, MP3 recorders, PowerPoint remotes, sound systems, Blu-ray burners, and graphing calculators. Classroom Technology & Events is a member of the Microsoft software program and as a result we do not have to purchase Microsoft software and upgrades for our laptops. We have also made an effort to "go green" by implementing a paperless check-out/check-in system that has significantly reduced our printing volume by nearly 16,000 printouts per month. We’ve additionally “gone green” in our office by switching from paper to an online system we use to pull equipment for students.

Since the daily use of equipment has increased 30% over the past 3 years (from 80 bookings per day to 104 bookings per day), we have changed the program to accommodate these increased demands. These changes include expanding the pool of equipment that is available for checkout, and extending the minimum borrowing days for the regular program (from 3-days to 7-days) and same-day loan program at the I-Court office (from 1-day to 2-days). We have also placed select pieces of equipment are normally pretty popular on reserve for 14-day and 31-day checkouts. Students have complained that the previous length of the same-day reservations was too short for their purposes, and that expanding it would greatly increase its usefulness. Longer checkout periods are an important part of this program because it provides students with enough time to understand and use the equipment. Also, this longer checkout period gives students time to come into the office and get assistance from our staff if they need it. This has been especially relevant with camera checkouts because every camera has its own unique process of transferring and uploading files to computers. Students are always allowed to return equipment earlier than their due date, but most find that the current check out periods are valuable to them.

These changes reflect our program's dedication to accommodate as many students as possible.

Benefits to Students and the University

Our program gives students access to equipment they would not have otherwise. We provide laptops with multiple types of software as well as the ability to download software that we do not provide. Additionally, all of our equipment is allowed to be checked out for any purpose whether it be academic related or for personal use. With the aid of our equipment, we are helping the students to go above and beyond their in-classroom learning. One student said, "the cameras I am able to check out are significantly beyond my budget as a student; nevertheless, I am able to use them both as part of my coursework as well as for personal use, thereby greatly increasing the value of being a student here at UW."
Our equipment gives students the ability to try out equipment that they might not otherwise have access too. All UW students can check out equipment to get an idea of whether they may want to purchase the equipment. Essentially, it gives them a chance to try equipment out before spending a lot of money on equipment they may or may not want or need. Furthermore, we have a wide range of levels of types of equipment. For example, we have easy to use camcorders as well as professional camcorders. This gives students the ability to grow within our program and experiment with equipment they may not be able to afford or only wish to try out.
The same-day program that we implemented also accommodates for the unique paths that may not be so predictable. By providing students with equipment on short notice we are able to accommodate the emergencies and surprises that occur.

Our program provides students with the opportunity to use equipment to aid and enhance their education. We broaden the communication between students, peers, and the community at large through giving students laptops with the ability to email, Skype, gchat and more. Also, we give students the ability to express themselves through art and projects with our photography equipment, projectors and video cameras. One student said, "UW STF was generous enough to let me was borrow a SLR and voice recorder...Many of my works have been featured at film festivals and even the New York Times". Our equipment allows all UW students to have an equal opportunity to utilize technology that should be available to students and removes any obstructions caused by lack of funds and/or technology by providing high quality equipment for free.

Our technology gives students the chance to record their work and to be able to show their progress locally and internationally. Using our equipment, they can keep track of their progress and look back and see their growth through college. Also, our equipment can be used for a variety of events such as interviews for post-graduate schools or jobs, study abroad, and projects both in and outside of school. A student said, "I have had to conduct interviews for a couple of classes and the voice recorder was invaluable to me. I had no other way to record the interviews." All of these activities advance the total learning and personal growth of each individual student.

It is now impossible for a student to complete his or her chosen degree via their unique learning path without the use of some form of technology, be it a laptop computer, data projector, video or still camera, sound system, and/or a voice recorder. By using our web-based reservation system, UW Seattle students can easily reserve these items any time of day and even pick up equipment if they need it that same day. Since we place no restrictions on their use of equipment, students can use these items in formal or informal settings as well as personal or group projects and events without having to spend money. Also, with the same-day loan program, students can obtain needed equipment at the last minute.

Departmental Endorsements

CT&E Director Roberta Hopkins states that "CT&E remains committed to the STF/SAF Technology Loan Program. The program is as an integral part of our mission to serve UW students."


Dear STF Committee:
I enthusiastically support the proposal entitled “Equipment Refresh for Student Technology Loaner Program” submitted by Classroom Technology and Events (CTE) of UW-IT. Like all units within UW-IT Academic Services, CTE is charged with enhancing teaching and learning at the UW. The student equipment loaner program enhances student learning by making technology accessible to all students, including modern laptops and tablets that make up a central part of this proposal. In addition, students have made significant use of video technology such as the digital cameras that are also a part of this proposal. CTE have been exceptional stewards of this program in the past, and I look forward to working with them as we continue to provide students with cost-free access to new and highly-requested technologies. It is my pleasure to support this proposal.
Philip Reid
Assoc. Vice Provost, UW-IT Academic Services
Professor of Chemistry

Installation Timeline

Upon award of the grant, we will purchase the equipment and loan it out to students shortly after the equipment is received. There is a brief period after the equipment arrives when we label and test all items to ensure everything is in working order, and place the items on the UW Risk Management insurance, before they are loaned out to students. Since a student can check out over $16,000 in equipment, this insurance is always requested by borrowers. Occasionally, new versions of laptops require more time to work with our imaging system due to the reconfiguration of hardware components by the manufacturer. Re-imaging is required to wipe all private and personal information that the student could have put on the laptop as required by our agreement with the UW Attorneys General Office.

Resources Provided by Department

Classroom Technology & Events (CT&E) spent last year an additional >$12,000 in shared costs for program equipment that are not covered by the STF or SAF Committees in supplies and operations, not including CTE staff salaries and fringe benefits for their support of the Program.
CT&E also maintains and programs the web reservation system servers allocated for STF services and database support, offers technical support and provides basic resources such as: printing, office supplies, telephones, business cards, and xerographic copies. They often provide services for minor repairs on equipment, saving students the cost of repairing equipment and allowing it to return to the loan pool more quickly. CT&E Staff are also available to answer technical questions beyond the training of Student Help Desk personnel.
The Microsoft Campus Access Agreement, which covers the latest version of both Windows and Office programs, is only possible due to the funding provided by CT&E.

Access Restrictions (if any)

This program has no restrictions other than that the student must be currently enrolled at the UW Seattle campus and pay the current STF fees. The web-based reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, if students have a unique request (such as study abroad, interim check-outs, projects) they can contact our help desk and request special assistance. Due to increased demand on our program, we have restricted the use of our same day program, so students are only allowed to use it twice per quarter. However, this does not restrict them from using our normal reservation based system as many times as they would like.

Student Endorsements

“A special consideration for the American Sign Language club is making sure information is accessible to all its members. The continuous help of STF has made this not only possible in the first places, but extremely easy.”
- Student Quote

“STF has helped provided me with projectors and projector screens in the past. I have used this equipment in my fraternity to have movie nights and play music videos off. The free equipment has made it easy to bring brothers together through events, as well as give me an opportunity to use different equipment I would not be able to use without the program.”
- Student Quote

The STF program has made my life here at UW so much easier. We live in a technological world, and often times school requires technology that I do not own. STF is always able to provide. For instance, I was able to rent a PC from STF for a month in order to finish my final mechanical engineering project. STF is truly supportive of students and their needs, and ensures that they have the equipment they need to succeed.”
- Student Quote

“"Being able to check out expensive equipment from STF has helped me succeed in my classes. By checking out DSLR cameras multiple times throughout the quarter, I was able to improve my photography skills which eventually helped me get into my major."
-Student Quote

“The STF Technology Loan Program over the past years has provided the availability of various pieces of equipment that has helped me throughout my time at UW. From projectors, laptops, DSLR cameras, and even speakers the program has enriched not only my education but also my personal life. I have been able to checkout equipment that has been used with friends and family which in itself has helped us grow closer. I fully support STF with the new proposal as they work on expanding the program in order to fully support incoming students on their new endeavors here at UW”
- Student Quote

“STF is a program that’s helped me out immensely while at UW. I do video production work now for UW, and before I knew much about it, it was hard to afford all the different necessary tools. STF let me check out different cameras and equipment and get used to video production, and the skills I learned from that helped me get the job I have today, as well as enabling me to make great video content for class presentations and club events”
- Student Quote


Group Funded Item Unit price Quantity Subtotal
High Priority

Dell Windows Laptops

$2,109.34 50 $105,467.00

Dell Latitude 14 7000 Series Ultrabook (E7440)


- 4th gen Intel® Core™ i5-4310U Processor (2.0GHz, 3M cache)
- Windows 8.1 Pro, 64-bit English
- 14.0 FHD (1920x1080) Touch Display with WiGig Technology
- 8GB1 DDR3L at 1600MHz
- 256GB Mobility Solid State Drive
- Intel® Integrated HD 4400 Graphics
- 4 Year ProSupport with 4 Year NBD Limited Onsite Service After Remote Diagnosis

Price breakdown:
- Dell Latitude E7440 ($1879.00 Dell)
- Sumdex Fashion Place Compufolio ($45.95 eBags)
- Ethernet cable ($1.39 Monoprice)
- Tax ($183.00)

We have had great success with previous models of the Dell Latitude business laptop line. This year we are requesting Latitude 14 7000 Series Ultrabook laptops in order to provide students with the same power and reliability that we have enjoyed with the laptops that we will be surplussing this year, but with additional features and in a smaller form factor. We listen to the needs of our students and the most frequent request is for faster and lighter Windows laptops. With smaller form factors, there is often a trade-off with ruggedness. Given our experience with the Latitude line however, we are confident that the laptops will withstand the rigors of our program, coupled with the excellent support we receive from Dell.

The Latitude E7440 is the only Latitude model to offer a touchscreen, which we believe is necessary given the longevity of equipment required by the STF Committee. As laptops will need be in service for a minimum of four years, this model will need to be adequate for heavy usage through at least 2019. We are currently deploying Windows 7, but we are switching to Windows 8.1 soon and we anticipate Windows 10 to be deployed by the end of the laptop’s life. Both of these operating systems are touch-heavy and we need to anticipate these needs.

The inclusion of a solid state drive (SSD) is critical. Our newest Apple Macbook Pros came with SSDs and students have raved about its speed and low power usage. Hard drive failure has been the most frequent issue with all of our laptops, and the SSD’s lack of moving parts means we will experience fewer repairs and breakages. The relatively-low capacity is irrelevant, given cloud storage and our external hard drives.

We have assessed the options from HP, the STF Committee’s preferred vendor, but we did not find any comparable models in the Probook and Elitebook lines. We have been disappointed with the performance, reliability, and aesthetics of our previously purchased HP Probook laptops. In particular, the HP customer support has been subpar and sluggish. The two week repair scheduling turnarounds from HP are unacceptable, especially compared to the next-day service and streamlined warranty processing offered by Dell.

We request 50 Dell Latitude laptops for 2015-2016.

Apple MacBook Pro laptops

$2,292.88 50 $114,644.00

Macbook Pro 13-inch: 2.8GHz with Retina display (with 3-year AppleCare Protection Plan)


- 13.3” LED display, 2560 by 1600 pixels (Retina)
- 2.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor
- 512GB PCIe-based Flash Storage

Price breakdown:
- Macbook Pro 13-inch ($1799.00 Apple)
- 3-yr AppleCare Protection ($249.00 Apple)
- Sumdex Fashion Place Compufolio ($45.95 eBags)
- Tax ($198.93)

Apple Macbook Pro laptops are our most popular items by number of rental days. We currently have Macbook Pros with model years 2010, 2011, mid-2012, and 2014. The laptops are able to withstand the rigors of our rental program and our imaging system. Due to the sheer demand of the Macbooks, we still rent out the remaining four-year old 2010 Macbooks. Since they are no longer covered by AppleCare, as they break we surplus them. By our calculations, all 2010 Macbooks should be non-operational by summer 2015.

These newest Macbooks will alleviate the booking strains on our system for Macbooks. We are optimistic about the newest Macbook models. Apple made radical design changes with the 2014 Macbook Pro line, such as changing the power adapter, changing to a solid state drive, removing the Ethernet port, and removing the optical drive. We had to make major adjustments to the imaging system to accommodate these changes, but ultimately the lack of an optical drive and addition of a solid state drive should make them more reliable—optical and hard drive issues have been our primary sources of Macbook damage.

We request 50 Macbooks between our Kane and Health Sciences offices.

Insurance Coverage

$30,000.00 0 $0.00

This is to continue the insurance policy on any checked out equipment, plus it also covers breakage. The value of the STF equipment pool for both offices that should be insured is $1,882,095.28 including the equipment in this grant request. New equipment has two insurance expenses. One from the purchase date (~July 2015) until November 2015, prorated by the number of months (5), and then one for November 1, 2015, through October 31, 2016. This is required since the UW insurance program runs on a November to November annual cycle. Only the equipment that is loaned to students is insured, equipment used in the office is not included and surplussed equipment is removed from the policy. Insurance coverage limits the liability of student borrowers to $250 no matter how many items were lost, or what type of equipment they check out. Laptops are now $250 for the deductible as well, this was changed from the $750 deductible in place 3 years ago. The higher previous level has been a tremendous burden for most of the students that have suffered losses with some students taking more than one year to pay the deductible.


Insuring all of the equipment we loan out is absolutely necessary for the successful operation of the STF program. Insurance is extremely important to students because they can be responsible for thousands of dollars worth of equipment at one check out, but most cannot afford replacement costs if the equipment is lost or stolen. If a student checked out one of every item, the total replacement cost would be around $14,000 if all items were stolen or damaged. The cost of insurance is small in comparison to the thousands of dollars students would have to pay to replace stolen or accidentally damaged items, and is increasingly important due to the rising crime rates in the University District. Several thousand dollars worth of equipment was stolen in this past Autumn Quarter alone. Without insurance coverage, usage of the program would drastically decrease, as many students would be forced to discontinue use rather than risk paying replacement costs.
Now that we are required to keep our equipment for a period of 4 years, this has also increased the total cost for insurance.
The cost of insuring 290 laptops for a year (~$6,090) is not much more, comparably, than the cost of four replacement laptops (~$1,525). One Canon Digital Rebel costs approximately $2800, and insuring one for a calendar year runs about $34.50. We feel that the overall cost of insurance is a great value compared with the potential loss and negative impact this could have on a borrower. Since the goal of the program is to assist students, it is important to insure these items for the students' protection.

Replacement Parts

$4,500.00 1 $4,500.00

Various items needed to replace those items that wear out during the year through normal use and can't be charged to the student borrower (ex. laptop chargers, laptop batteries, projector lamps, camera chargers, microphones).

Various vendors, usually the manufacturer of the specific item. All items will be purchased through eProcurement when possible as this gives us the best prices and free shipping, which can be substantial.


The cost is comprised of one of each of the listed items. Many camera chargers begin to break down due to normal wear and tear because of heavy use in our program. Spare lamps for the Hitachi projectors also help ensure that we can continue to use the equipment if a lamp dies. In the month of December 2014 alone, two Hitachi lamps died and needed replacement, at $300 apiece. Many times, we cannot predict which piece of equipment will be the next to fail. As we do not have the funds to replace these items when they break down, adding them to the request would ensure that more pieces of equipment are in working order and would help us keep them in circulation rather than taking them permanently out of circulation.

Medium Priority

Apple Imaging Desktop

$1,761.86 2 $3,523.72

iMac 21.5" Desktop Imaging Computer\edu\uw


-2.7GHz Quad-core Intel Core i5, Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHz
-Intel Iris Pro Graphics
-16GB 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x8GB
-256GB Flash Storage
-Gigabit Ethernet Port

Price Breakdown:
-iMac Desktop Computer ($1609 Apple)
-Tax ($152.86)

As required for our program, every laptop that we check out must have all personal information wiped from the system. For the Apple Macbook Pro laptops that we check out, we use an iMac as our imaging desktop. The desktop that we are currently using was purchased in 2010, and is now woefully out of date. As we have continued to purchase more Macbooks the time it takes for the computers to finish the imaging process has increased immensely. With the purchase of a new imaging desktop, one with an updated Ethernet port, more RAM, and a solid state hard drive, the speed at which our equipment can be made ready for the student will increase greatly.

We are requesting 2 of these computers, one for our Kane office and the other for HSB.

Digital SLR Cameras

$1,013.95 35 $35,488.25

Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR Camera with EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens


- 18.0MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
- Full HD Movie Mode with Continuous AF
- ISO 100-12800, Expandable to 25600
- 9-Point All Cross-Type AF System
- EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens

Price breakdown:
- Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR Camera with EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens ($899.00 B&H)
- Tiffen 67mm UV Protector Filter ($14.99 B&H)
- Zagg Canon T5i Camera Screen ($11.99 Zagg)
- Tax ($87.97)

The Canon Rebel camera package continues to be one of the most popular equipment checkouts in this program. In our 2014 proposal, we ordered and were funded for 15 EOS 70D DSLR cameras, the next model above the Rebel line. They have been excellent, but this year we anticipate completely replacing the ageing XTi and XSi Rebels that were first requested in 2006. We believe that ordering a higher quantity of the lower line, but still highly capable, Rebel T5i will best serve the students. The Rebel line offers high-quality and ease-of-use, suitable for students new to photography.

Based on booking data, we have found the partial kits to be our most popular configuration of DSLR rental packages. These come with only the DSLR body and kit lens, which are less expensive and easier to carry than our full kits. We are requesting 35 partial kits for 2015.

Small Tripods

$67.88 15 $1,018.20

Manfrotto Compact Action Aluminum Tripod


- Load Capacity: 3.3 lb
- Max Height: 61"
- Min Height: 17.3"
- Folded Length: 17.8"

Price breakdown:
- Manfrotto Compact Action Aluminum Tripod ($61.99 B&H)
- Tax ($5.89)

For checkout with our cameras and video cameras, we offer tripods of various sizes as additional items. We have three sizes of tripods that accommodates different needs—larger tripods offer more stability and fluid range of motions for heavy cameras and smaller tripods are easier to transport. The small tripods that we currently rent out are our most popular tripod, largely due to student preferences for portability. Unfortunately, due to a combination of design flaws and heavy usage, a majority of our small tripods have broken and cannot be rented out.

While our small tripods are made by Sunpak, our medium and large tripods are made by Manfrotto. Comparatively, we have had practically no problems with the Manfrotto tripods. By ordering Manfrotto’s compact line of tripods, we expect high performance and a longer lifespan for the small tripods.

We are requesting fifteen tripods to replace broken small tripods between both offices.

Apple iPad Tablet Computers

$846.41 20 $16,928.20

Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 16GB


- A8X chip with 64-bit architecture with M8 motion coprocessor
- Retina Display
- Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) and Bluetooth
- 27.3-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery

Price breakdown:
- iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 16GB ($499
- iPad AppleCare+ for iPad ($99
- Belkin QODE Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2 ($149.99 B&H)
- STM Bags Jacket ($24.99 eBags)
- Tax ($73.43)

We currently have a combined fleet of 48 iPads available to students. Thanks to the STF Committee, we have been able to get closer to meeting the needs of our students for our most-used equipment. Our iPads are still booked out for weeks in advance and we have scrambled to make them available. Luckily, we enjoy a very streamlined imaging process, and the turnaround time for the iPads are significantly faster than with our full laptop computers.

We find that some students prefer to use our iPads instead of our laptop computers, while others use them in addition to our laptops. iPads offer students flexibility to read PDFs and eBooks as a substitute for physical textbooks; do basic web functions like web browsing, email, and calendars; and provide medical students with a HIPAA-compliant method of easily accessing medical records.

We request a total of 20 iPads for both offices.

Canon Telephoto Lenses

$828.33 15 $12,424.95

Canon Zoom Telephoto EF 70-200mm f/4.0L USM Autofocus Lens


-Filter Size: 67 mm
-f/Stop Range: 4-32
-Minimum Focus Distance: 3.9'
-Magnification: 1:4.8
-Angle of View: 34 to 12°
-Lowepro Lens Case 2W (water-proof)

Price breakdown:
- Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Lens ($709.00 B&H)
- Tiffen 67mm UV Protector Filter ($11.99 B&H)
- Lowepro Lens Case 11 x 26cm ($35.48 B&H)
- Tax ($71.86)

We currently use this model of lens with each DSLR full kit that we rent, as well as ten individual telephotos that we rent out separately. Our observations have found that the telephoto is the most booked-out lens that we carry.

Digital SLR cameras are currently one of the most requested items in our loan pool. We have two competing classes of students who want to borrow our current camera package: students who require both a camera and lenses, and those with personal Canon SLRs requiring only a single lens or all the lenses in our current package.

We do currently have lenses for individual checkout, however those who own their own camera body but not the necessary lenses are still forced to check out the entire Rebel kit in order to use one lens, due to the high demand for individual lenses. This reduces the availability of the equipment to other students who do not have their own camera. This request will increase the amount of lenses available for individual checkout allowing students to check out the specific lens they need without limiting the use of the full camera kits to those students who need both.

With our 2015 request as well as our previous 2014 request (2014-051) we have only requested DSLR partial kits, because of this we have experienced and anticipate shortages on our telephoto lens fleet. We need to increase the number of telephoto lenses to accommodate more students. The other lenses that we carry (10-22mm wide angle and 100mm macro) are not as overbooked as the telephoto, and therefore we are only requesting an additional fifteen telephoto lenses.

Low Priority

Fixed Lens Digital SLR Camera

$653.73 15 $9,805.95

Canon PowerShot SX60 HS Digital Camera Basic Accessory Kit


- 16.8MP 1/2.3” CMOS Sensor
- 65x optical zoom
- ISO 100-3200, expandable to 6400
- Optical image stabilization
- 1/2000 second shutter speed

Price breakdown:
- Canon PowerShot SX60 HS Digital Camera Basic Accessory Kit ($597.01 B&H)
- Tax ($56.72)

As previously mentioned, high-quality photography gear is one of our most popular categories of equipment rentals. For most students, the bulk and difficulty-of-use interchangeable lenses with traditional DSLRs is a too burdensome. For students looking for a portable and durable way of taking high-quality photos, we offer fixed-lens DSLR cameras. These cameras have excellent zoom functions, respectable image sensors, and are highly portable. Students often request these cameras for study abroads and other types of fieldwork that demand portability and ruggedness.

Our current fixed-lens DSLRs have been in use since 2010. Although it doesn’t seem like long, manufacturers have changed the category significantly in that time. Most important is the addition of reusable battery packs, as opposed to AA batteries. Rechargeable AA batteries are expensive for the program and are bulky for the students to use. The fixed-lens DSLR that we are requesting uses a modern slimline battery pack that is half the weight of the four AA batteries that our current camera uses and delivers more time between charges.

We request ten PowerShot SX60 cameras for our Kane office and five for Health Sciences.

Windows Surface Pro 3

$1,924.39 5 $9,621.95

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - 256GB / Intel i7


- Intel Core i7 1.7GHz processor
- 256GB SSD hard drive

Price breakdown:
- Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - 256GB / Intel i7 ($1549.00 Microsoft)
- Surface Pro Type Cover ($129.99 Microsoft)
- Surface USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter ($39.99 Microsoft)
- Sumdex Passage Netbook / iPad Case - 10.2" ($27.95 eBags)
- Tax ($177.46)

Since our successful introduction of our iPads, we have had many requests from students asking for a Windows or Android tablet. Our current imaging system will not support Android, but since upgrades we made earlier this year, it will support Microsoft Surface tablets.

We previously ordered Samsung tablets, but we found that they were unsuitable for our program, due to the tablet’s hardware limitations and incompatibility with the imaging system. However, there are plenty of resources on the Surface Pro 3, including step-by-step integration with our current imaging system. We also find the Surface Pro 3’s build quality to be much better and its specifications much more worth the price than the Samsung tablets.

We are requesting five tablets for our Kane office.

Wacom Digital Illustration Tablet

$1,105.88 5 $5,529.40

Wacom Cintiq 13HD 13.3" Interactive Pen Display


- 11.75 x 6.75" Active Area
- 13.3" Widescreen Display with HDMI Port
- Full HD 1920 x 1080 Native Resolution
- 250 cd/m² Brightness
- 178°/178° Viewing Angles
- 75% Adobe RGB, 16.7 Million Colors
- 2048 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity

Price breakdown:
- Wacom Cintiq 13HD 13.3" Interactive Pen Display ($949.95 B&H)
- Sumdex NeoMetro Link Brief for 15" MacBook Pro ($59.99 eBags)
- Tax ($95.94)

We have had requests for newer and better drawing tablets from students. We currently have 20 Wacom drawing tablets that have been in service since August 2009. Wacom is the leader in drawing tablets, which allow for easy digital illustration. Design and illustration students often ask if we can carry Wacom tablets with the display built into the drawing surface.

The Wacom tablets that we currently have do not have a display on the surface, which forces users to look at a computer screen instead of the surface that they are drawing onto. The Wacom Cintiq line not only has a high-definition display for the finest details, but also boasts 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, which allows for the lightest brush to the heaviest stroke.

We are requesting five of these tablets for our Kane office.

Monopod Tripods

$21.89 5 $109.45

Manfrotto MMC3-01M Compact Monopod (Black)


- Maximum Height: 57.2"
- Supports 3.3 lb
- Weighs 0.64 lbs

Price breakdown:
- Manfrotto MMC3-01M Compact Monopod ($19.99 B&H)
- Tax ($1.90)

Videography is a popular category of rentals and we accommodate as many student needs as possible. We offer cameras with image stabilization and various tripods, but our offerings fall short of allowing students to have full mobility while filming in the field. We have had many requests for monopods and we believe that the Manfrotto offering is best. Based on prior experiences with Manfrotto, we expect the monopod to be sturdy and durable. The monopod extends to almost six feet and can support all our midrange video cameras and DSLRs, while remaining super-lightweight. We anticipate this tripod to we widely used by students with our Canon VIXIA and Sony video cameras as well as those renting our GoPro cameras for outdoor activities.

We request five monopods for our Kane office.

External Hard Drive

$328.49 10 $3,284.90

LaCie 250GB Rugged Thunderbolt External Solid State Drive


- Thunderbolt, USB 2.0, and 3.0 connector options
- Aluminum and rubberized housing
- 250GB solid state drive
Price breakdown:
- LaCie 250GB Rugged Thunderbolt External Solid State Drive ($299.99 B&H)
- Tax ($28.50)

We currently have a fleet of 42 external hard drives that were purchased in 2007, making them some of our oldest equipment that is still rented out. They are outdated, with a capacity of 100 GB, and slow, using USB 1.1. In January 2013 our Kane Hall basement location experienced water damage from a plumbing failure upstairs. None of our equipment were affected, except the external hard drives. None of the hard drives failed testing, but since then we have had some hard drives fail. We are unsure if this is due to its age or the water damage, but we need to replace the current hard drives.

The LaCie 250GB Rugged Thunderbolt External Solid State Drive is the best replacement. We believe that the LaCie will be able to withstand the rough handling experienced by our equipment and have a long operational history. It has an aluminum housing and a rubberized case for shock absorption. Additionally, the SSD + USB 3.0/Thunderbolt connection provides speed and reliability.

We do not seek to replace all 42 hard drives. We believe ten new hard drives better reflect the needs of our students and current volume of hard drive rentals.

Total requested: $352,345.97

Total funded: $322,345.97


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