Proposal ID 2015-041
Submitted January 16, 2015
Owner pelcdv
Department Communications, School of
Category Computer Labs
Funding Status Fully Funded
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The News Lab was last updated more than six years ago-- six years that have seen some of the most dramatic new developments in media and technology in history. The lab benefits a variety of students from across campus, as well as student clubs, news outlets, and prospective students. Software updates would allow more applicable workshops and other professional development activities to be held in the lab. We also want to continue the traditional of providing a mini-newsroom for our students. This proposal is co-sponsored by the Department of Communication, the Communication Leadership program, and Native Voices. This space is also used by the Daily for training their new reporters. Due to student request we are upgrading these computers to Macs as that has become industry standard and Macs run the software that students most need to learn and want to use.

Category Justification

This request is computers for a computer lab.


The News Lab space has traditionally been used as a mini newsroom for journalism students, and a meeting space for student clubs (PRSSA, SPJ, AWC, and UW Debate), The Daily, and workshops run by the Seattle Globalist. Journalism students produce work for 65 community media outlets around the Puget Sound area annually. Communication Leadership graduate program held a “Startup Media Skills” workshop series that covered Using After Effects, Crowdfunding, Writing with Voice, and this year will include Branding/Monetizing content and Basic Coding. The Communication Department has two staff members that weekly hold digital media open lab and hold workshops and provide tutoring for students.

Due to student request we are requesting these computers be upgraded to Macs as they have become industry standard in Journalism and run the software students want to use. These upgrades will allow this space to continue to be functional as the last upgrade was 6 years ago. It will benefit many student groups to have this meeting space with technology.

Benefits to Students and the University

Having updated computers in this space is a huge benefit to students. Although the News Lab is the only space dedicated to journalism students to work on projects and get outside help, the space benefits a variety of people: students from across campus involved in Communication-related student clubs, graduate students in the Communication Leadership program through workshops, the Seattle Globalist and other Departmental staff workshops, the hundreds of non majors who take Communication courses and students during the annual High School Journalism Day. The Department of Communications clubs including Society of Professional Journalists, Public Relations Student Society of America, Association for Women in Communication, Minority Leaders in Communication, and The Seattle Globalist students all use this space for meetings and work. In a subtle manner, the room is exhibited to prospective students on Journalism Day and also during the Washington Collegiate Journalism Conference. Student writers from all areas of campus use the room to train to become journalists for The Daily during Daily 101, a series of developmental training sessions.

The actual location of the space is beneficial for three reasons: it is only a few feet from our equipment rental office where students can check out cameras, audio recorders, lighting kits, etc.; it is close to the offices of two staff members who specialize in equipment and technology, and it is in the same building as the Department of Communication Outreach Team for when alumni visit to give workshops or additional relationships can be built with community partners. We often publish stories about visitors and how students are benefiting from them on our website. The drop-in space is crucial for students who can’t afford to purchase expensive software for their home computers or laptops, and the close proximity to professors and tech savvy assistants only aid in their success as journalists, multimedia producers, and communicators. The Department also has a staff person who holds open lab hours each week and provides training classes on many digital media topics including software and camera equipment training.

Departmental Endorsements

A decade ago, student fluency with communication technology was a bonus for their development as citizens and professionals. Today, it is a necessity. Many of our courses and student internships have partnerships with professional news and communication organizations, and these outlets expect excellence. The result is that for coursework and individual projects, students need to be able to produce work employing superb video and audio. To achieve this, students need access to a recording studio and a state-of-the-art computer lab, in which to conduct professional-quality interviews, to create and practice and record speeches and presentations, and to produce sophisticated media content in a large range of technological formats. Without these opportunities, our students are not being prepared for the 21st century.

David Domke, Department Chair

I am writing this in support of the Dept. of Communication's grant request for new editing computers. The facilities in Com are critical to the research and media work of Native Voices graduate and undergraduate students, as well as the many students from other departments and disciplines. Each year we work with hundreds of students from all over the university and support their documentary and media research projects. They take our courses, are doing media in other department's courses, or work with us through independent study courses, and without the open access that the Dept. of Communication offers, we could not provide the kind of support that we do.

The lab is desperately in need of computer and program upgrade to keep up with the monumental changes that have occurred in the video production world. We support students who are working with all three professional editing applications, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premier, and Apple Final Cut Pro, and without these upgrades are unfortunately on the cusp of not being able to offer this support.

Daniel Hart co-Director, Native Voices

For many journalism students, our computer labs offer their sole opportunity to work with expensive software like Tableau, Adobe Creative Suite, and other video editing suites. But once they graduate from our program and find themselves on the job market, their ability to use professional grade editing and media software will be crucial to their success. In order to instruct our students well and keep pace with the latest developments in our fast-changing industry, we need to regularly update our software and hardware to match the skills our students need.

Jessica Partnow, Artist in Residence/Journalism Co-Coordinator

Installation Timeline

Summer 2015.

Resources Provided by Department

The Department of Communication provides the space for this computer lab including, 3 staff to support the lab and provide training and workshops on the software and checkout equipment we provide.

Access Restrictions (if any)

No restrictions.

Student Endorsements

New computers would be very beneficial for the new lab. The current computers are out dated- new ones, would make our lives easier and more efficient! New computers would be so helpful and amazing! They would make our experience better in so many ways.
Sophie Hayes

What we need is updated versions of Adobe Premier and AVID Media Composer to be able to edit and produce our work. These updates along with updated hardware for our editing stations would significantly facilitate the production process without fear of losing our work! That updates in software and equipment would be immensely helpful to better produce our work and to have greater equipment compatibly. As well as facilitating the process of research and production.
Ramon Resendiz

Useful would be acoustically soundproof room, New MAC computers, Larger computer storage capacity, HD Screen for editing, and Large screens. For a university that is ranked in the top 15% in the nation, also the home of some of the most influential technological companies, it’s almost unreasonable to believe that this school is not provided/providing the best equipment possible. There are / will be amazing film makers, artists, creators and documentarian filmers to come through this institution. They/We should be provided with the best possible equipment available.
Om Fletcher

The current equipment becomes a challenge as they’re an older version and I use Mac at home and I found it very easy to learn and use at some time. Because it’s important to have equipment that are update. Older version becomes a challenge as a person who doesn’t have any base film skills. It would be nicer to learn new version instead of learning the older one that soon will become useless.
Claire Sandoval

I'm writing in support of an effort to gain more computers and editing spaces for the Communications Department at UW. I am at the end of my graduate degree at UW and would have loved to see stronger, faster and more reliable equipment during my time. Our program, Native Voices, is devoted to producing multi-media works that can be acquired and edited quickly. Often times I found it difficult to find an edit lab and a computer that had all the same qualities. If there was a baseline to which all computers were met and improved, students wouldn't have the need to scramble to the "best working" computer. I applaud the efforts of the tech team within our Communications Department, but I also understand they are working with outdated equipment that could use improvements in many facets. Thank you!
Melissa Woodrow

Video editing station. If we want to create a multimedia project, this would be very beneficial and would make our work more professional looking. I’m interesting learning more about video editing. This would be a huge help!
Chase Klingel

I think this software/hardware can help us to have a lab that is close to a real newsroom.
Yiqin Weng

Audio recording station – would help expand the audio and radio side of the journalism department
Video editing software. This would help with accessibility and would greatly enhance the journalism department.
Rayna Stackhouse

Equipment for audio/video recording – it would really help journalists prepare for current-day training. This would greatly help!
Joy Chu

Mac Computers would be very helpful. I love UW Comm but for such a big school – the newer resources just aren’t available. With new equipment UW Comm would kick some serious butt!
Joanna Kresge

We need some software to help us producing journalistic writing and also some audio equipment as well. They will help us to learn better. It would help us to efficiently producing journalistic writing/news.
Man Fei (Amka), Tse

Audio and video equipment (as well as editing equipment) would be helpful for those more interesting in broadcast journalism.
Mari Anderson

We need faster computers. These computers are slow and sad and consistently slow down progress. A printer and faster computer would greatly improve student productivity and enhance learning.
Martha Cinn Senodt

This would be helpful because I do not have access to these tools at my home.
Andrea Holmes

An editing station, writing area and a meeting table (compact) because most multimedia production needs an editing to finalize work. Meeting and writing area in order to collaborate, share, and confirm the projects. Please help because without support or funding we wouldn’t be able to excel and/or do great work.
Randy Salgado

The comm. Department absolutely needs something like this! Contemporary journalism relies on technology, equipment and software. This would make our quality of education substantially better.
Jennifer Karami

Apple computer and access to the software Lightroom. It’ll be really helpful for organizing and editing photos. Well editing photos would make an article more interesting and professional
Yi-An Lu

Video-editing and sound booth would be great simply because it’s just one of those things that really helps journalists if they have it under their belt especially in multi-media today. This could really give us a step-up above other people when applying for a job and would just be a great experience.
Kelsey Hamlin

New computers – will be helpful to have new and update computer to edit on. Audio booth – would be helpful to do audio in. The journalism program at UW is amazing and revamping CMU 322 would help students have more resources as they study journalism.
Daria Kroupoderova

Mac Computer with adobe software and televisions with HDMI input so one can connect a laptop up to the TV.
Aison Roth

We need a Soundproof recording space and microphone and editing software. This way when we work on audio recording we will have state of the art equipment.
Erika Sommer

Editing software is expensive and no college student has money for that.
Candace Kwan

iMac and Final Cut Pro is arguably the finest video editing software for students to edit their videos for their stories. Final Cut Pro offers the most complete functions and editing for users.
Sheung Chi Funy

It will be great to have video editing or audio recording equipment at the news lab space. They are expensive to get and it will be very useful when writing story. To produce a good news story, a good software and equipment is required.
Ming Wai Wong (Katy)

Mac Computers – better video/audio programs and capacity. Will help us produce better quality work
Damon Netz

Advanced photo/sound editing software – to use in multimedia projects in and out of class
- Photoshop is a great example, its expertise. As a student, having access to advanced software is important to developing skills essential to being successful in the job market. Without learning how to work with multimedia and other software, I would be at a huge disadvantage as a journalist.
Clare McCerane

More space to interview in person or over the phone. If we could get items to soundproof an area of designation for students to work quietly or conduct interviews, that would be beneficial. The ability to have a space where students can work quietly and on audio or interviews would be crucial to developing more talent and interest in our major.
Shane Mcmahon

-Quiet Study space – some libraries are extremely crowded and as a result pretty noisy. Journalism students need peace and quiet!
- Accessibility/Comfort @ Comm Buidling – writing takes all hours of the day, students need their own space like other students
- Mac Computers – not enough in Odegaard or on campus!
-Journalism majors need enough time, space, and the quiet to effectively work in an environment best suited for the Comm Building needs to have that.
As journalism students work more with digital publications, software that helps the efficiency of our work would be helpful.
Jeanny Rhee

The equipment would be helpful when working with audio and video that facilitates class discussion.
Laurel Rice

Writing skills are no longer enough to get a job in journalism so the development of multimedia skills are necessary for the future. Establishing those skills and learning how to use the software is an opportunity UW Students should have.
Thuc Nhi Nguyen

Newsrooms and video production companies all over the country use Adobe Premiere. Having the Updated version would allow students interested in working with video (which now days learning how to do a little bit of everything is important) to work with a software they will most likely be using in the field. Same with Photoshop, as well as camera’s and memory cards, this would just allow more students to gain access to high quality equipment).
Trennesia Jackson

Having updated software can help be more current with journalism technology garageband provides cool editing with music, audio, video, extraction – etc.
Jacky Graham

New computers – Macs: Better for visuals – video editing / photos. Journalism is going digital. Better computers for multimedia and digital projects would help out greatly. Mac desktops, better for multimedia projects. Adobe products: Final Cut/Lightroom/Illustrator. It would be helpful for journalism students to have more access to computers that are geared towards visual/audio projects. It could create a space for people to collaborate and work. Nobody wants to use the existing PCs.
Eli Chin

-Upgrading desktops to Macs – with video and audio editing software
Ashely Walls

More advanced computers and computer software (photo/video editing). All of these would be beneficial to reporting assignments, specifically multimedia elements.
William Spenor

I think some software such as final cut pro would be great because it is professionally used software. Also Mac’s instead of PC’s . Our journalism program is growing and it needs the best equipment to keep moving in that direction.
Erik Encleso

More editing / graphic design software on the computer so students can learn to use different platforms in class. It’s crucial to be able to use digital platforms like video, etc. As a journalist there are days and often time we can’t practically learn in class because we don’t have the software.
Jack Truitz

Right now with the current editing programs we have, Avid & Adobe, are becoming very outdated. In the program I’m in it’s vital to have the updated and fully function programs and equipment possible. With the current programs and equipment, it takes hours to upload material and pray that the program & computer won’t crash again. This lack of updated material has caused many hardships on completing my work and for my teachers to give us the skills we need.
This campus is known for being the best, but with what we have now is not to any other university standards. I personally would benefit from this because my program directly uses this equipment and I cannot complete my program to the fullest and feel accomplished without new Avid and Adobe editing programs and new computers.
Jacqueline Johnson

The University of Washington is one of the top public universities in the country and because of this; we need to continue to fuel new technology into the classrooms. Media and film-making is incredibly important, and is constantly being morphed. New computers that are capable of running new and improved editing software (Adobe, Final Cut, and Avid) are critical for learning. Editing and recording space would be great because we don’t have very accessible space for students use.
Support the UW communication department receiving funding. It will help improve the education of students, by providing updated equipment.
Natalie Gilbert

Getting new equipment can be very helpful for this department. Because the newer the equipment is the better the quality will be when editing it. The equipment/software would be helpful for us.
Jernard Jarreau

Most current versions of editing software Avid & Final Cut pro. These would be essential in helping students create projects of the finest quality that would be of competitive outside of the classroom . I think it is essential that students are working with the most up to date software in preparation for careers after school.
I would greatly benefit from working with/creating films in the current format. I am geared towards a career in non-fiction programming and having the most up to data experience will greatly strengthen any internship/job applications and more.
Emma Hirchline

Adobe premiere and avid. We also need new up to date gear such as newer Macs with larger screens and faster programs. These would be helpful for students interested in filmmaking and editing.
I’m currently taking a documentary class which I would highly benefit from newer and more advanced technology. Quicker and larger screens would make for more careful editing and a better finished product.
Kiana Smith

Updated hardware (Mac computers/larger monitors). Each of these is important to have up-to-date, compatible resources to make the filming/editing process run smoothly and successfully. Also: an acoustic area to be used as a narration room. Silent space is hard to come by. It would help with the class’s ability to create our visual projects to the fullest extent, and show talent and workmanship to the fullest extent, without software or hardware limitations holding us back.
Kevin Shoop

Funding for new software i.e. Adobe Premiere, Avid as well as more modern hardware to be compatible with the software would help streamline the process for students to create projects that will be closer to their visions for the career.
For me personally obtaining these sorts of equipment can be challenging. They are by no means inexpensive. To have a lab at school to have access would be great.
Alexander Phan

We need modern computers that can take the editing work and large monitors.
John Nqvyen

I think this department needs more funding because everything is very outdated. In a technological world that's moving so fast, I feel like this department is always a couple steps behind. With all the other students who are asking for new audio / video editing software, I can relate.
Harmandeep Hundal

It’s important to have an up-to-date, high-powered editing lab for students. The latest versions of Avid and Adobe Premiere as well as newer Mac models with larger screens would be useful for high-quality editing. Up-to-date equipment and programs leads to easier learning for me as a student. It also provides a vehicle for better production of videos.
Sabah Rod

Audio system for main computer, sound booth, microphones, ArcGIS mapping software. The technology that’s already available has made me feel comfortable calling myself a multiplatform journalist, but to remain up to speed I think the new lab could use upgrades to the items listed above.
The equipment in the Newslab allows students to make professional quality work, increasing the chance of getting hired after graduation.
Sam Hylas

Having additional equipment/software would definitely enhance my experience and performance in the program as well as those of fellow and future students.
Anh Huynh

I support the upgrade of equipment in the newslab space because it will enhance my classroom experience.
Olivia Lafond

An audio booth/recording space to record voiceovers for audio/video projects. Journalism is practice mostly learned through experience. In order to survive in a competitive market, we need the skills. By having these equipment and software, students have the opportunity to practice skills without compromising their financial resources too much.
Imana Gurawan

Audio recording equipment studio. As journalism majors, we’re asked and taught to do a bit of everything – not just writing, but putting together audio and video pieces as well. To make the most professional pieces as possible, the best equipment is crucial.
Joseph Veyera

Mac computers. The computers in this room are slow, and much of the actual equipment and software is outdated. Improvements in these areas would help our program continue to move forward into the digital age and give every student the tools we need to learn to be successful multimedia journalists.
Daniel Rubens

Mac computers equipped with Adobe Suite for easier access to editing. Sound booth for audio voice overs. It’s hard to find a good place to record voice in this building. Everyone should have access to creative suite, since it’s used in most professional setting.
Taylor Winkel

We need Video editing software and Audio-making studio.
Senhao Liu

Mac computers equipped with Adobe Suite for design and photo. I think a tech upgrade will allow students to complete more projects and work on campus and allow tech education. Not one class has taught me how to use creative suites. If we had this feature we could better train students to become multimedia journalists.
Mac computers – visual, photo, video, design better on macs. Beyond writing, visuals are crucial! No one can work on digital projects on the current computers.
Atoosa Moinzadeh

I support the upgrading of newslab space to enhance our learning in the journalism program. I feel that with more resources, students can be better equipped with the skills they need to thrive in this digital age of media.
Diane Han

An audio studio. Sound booth, Editing Software. A place for students both experienced and not to work on audio projects. As a student trying to learn new mediums (e.g. photography and audio), I would value a place to learn, experiment and work. As of right now I practice exclusively in my shared apartment.
Holly Thorpe

More advanced sound equipment so we can have better practice with this medium. Video editing software. Equipment to better conduct clear interviews. More advanced equipment/software would be extremely beneficial for students so we will have more hands-on experience outside of the classroom. Be equipped with an understanding of more advanced software/technology is crucial for the industry.
Nicole Einbinder

Video editing software like Final Cut Pro to help make videos look more professional and easy to produce. Audio software to help with voice overs/narrating. The software mentioned above would help improve the quality as well as the ability, of students to produce professional stories. Updated software also improves the accessibility for people to view and consume content.
Olivia Fuller

Photo and video editing software: These software are often expensive for students to afford. Having these available on campus would be very helpful and convenient for students to use when working on assignments. Also, being around instructors who know to use the software would help when we have questions. Having full knowledge and experience with these software/devices would enable students to learn with more than just the traditional tools of education. This would help students to learn to their full potential.
Monica Chon

The equipment and software is great because it stands as a helpful resource for journalism student who want to be creative and well versed in different aspects of journalism.
Shawn Porter

Macs I believe would be most beneficial because of their popularity in news media so getting familiar with them now would be considerable. Also software like final cut or editing programs would help students get to know the systems for future use.
Agazit Afewoeki

Mac computers with apple software, imovie, etc. And Final Cut. I think that students are very familiar with apple software because macbooks are so popular, so this would make it easier.
Dominiqve Etzel

Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Adobe Lightroom/Bridge, and high quality headphone for editing. The main software platforms are really foundational pieces that modern journalists require. The Adobe platform in particular is crucial for learning formatting layouts, editing photos, and making concise video projects. Without these platforms, content has no way to be creatively created and manipulated.
Lindsey Boisvin

Sound booth, material. The opportunities to produce audio here at UW or take broadcasting classes are already super limited, especially compared to WWU or WSU.
Brieana Ripley

Photos and multimedia stories are becoming more prominent. We need the equipment that we can’t afford.
Kyle Jensen

Although I began the Comm Lead program while still working full-time, I’m now finishing the program while working half time and making one-sixth of the money that I used to make annually. Income-wise, this has been an extremely tough transition that has priced me out of being able to afford needed equipment upgrades and purchases for digital media projects. Purchasing this equipment and software will ensure that students such as myself who are not working full time in a high-paying job aren’t in the position of not being able to complete projects of high production value for Comm Lead and learn how to industry standard media software, hardware, and associated equipment.
Connie Rock

HUA Voice Radio is a student run media under Student Publication Department at UW. We are producing high quality radio programs that support Chinese speaking international students to merge into American academic environment. The expansion of the equipment will further ensure the qualities of talkative shows and promote more students to join our organization and support others.
Yunfei Zhao

A Mac Pro with display or iMac would make a great editing workstation, along with high capacity/high speed (USB 3 or Thunderbolt) external hard drives for checkout. Likewise, card readers (SSD, SD, CF), and ideally a large storage array for backup.
As a student and creative professional, a shared editing workspace would be a huge value add to my learning experience at the UW. Likewise, it provides a huge opportunity for fostering creativity and peer-to-peer collaboration and education. I frequently share my post-production video knowledge with students, but incompatible hardware/software is frequently an obstacle. A shared workspace would eliminate such obstacles, and help empower students to learn and collaborate with digital media.
Andrew Mitrak

My name is Drew Stone, a graduate student in the Communication Leadership program at UW, I also recently graduated from UW Bothell with majors in Media and Communication Studies, and Society, Ethics and Human Behavior. Over the past few years with the University of Washington, I have grown personally, professionally and artistically through the use of contemporary media technologies which have helped significantly in preparing myself for adding to the media soup that we digest on a daily basis. By having the foresight and wisdom to invest in cutting edge and (beyond) industry-standard equipment, the University of Washington is investing in the value of its students, and by extension the overall value of a University of Washington degree. The better prepared and experienced our alums are, the more valuable a UW degree is for every student.
Thank you very much for continuing to invest heavily on technology and equipment that supports our students and faculty to produce groundbreaking work.
Drew Stone


Group Funded Item Unit price Quantity Subtotal
21.5" iMac Computer

21.5" iMac Computer

$1,493.00 12 $17,916.00

The iMac will allow us to fun the software needed for students including the Adobe Creative Suite and Video editing software. The 2.9Ghz model is needed for processing the video and batch photos.


Apple iMac 2.9Ghz Intel Core i5 with applecare.

Purchasing from the UW bookstore.

21.5" iMac Computer Tax

$141.84 12 $1,702.08


Tax for the computer

27" iMac Computer

27" iMac Computer

$1,993.00 8 $15,944.00

This iMac is a large model due to many students requesting a larger screen, faster processor, and more memory. We put in fewer of them due to cost.


27" iMac Computer with 3.4Ghz i5 processor with applecare.

From the UW bookstore

27" iMac Computer Tax

$189.34 8 $1,514.72


Tax for computer

Total requested: $37,076.80

Total funded: $37,076.80


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