Proposal ID 2015-026
Submitted January 15, 2015
Owner baratta
Department Architecture and Urban Planning, College of
Category Portable
Funding Status Fully Funded
Metric Score 3.77


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  • Mark Baratta
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  • Rachel Ward
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  • John Schaufelberger
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PORTABLE. The CBE Student Equipment Loaner Program is a University of Washington Libraries-based borrowing system available to the roughly 750 students enrolled in College of Built Environment's degree programs. Launched in 2001 with support from the Student Technology Fee Committee, the Program makes portable digital equipment available to all CBE students using the existing library lending system. The current inventory includes laptops (both Windows and Mac), graphics tablets, digital cameras (DSLR and point-and-shoot), SD-card digital video cameras (high-quality and point-and-shoot), data/video projectors, sound data acquisition/analysis systems, digital audio recorders with assorted microphones, and miscellaneous accessories such as mice, laser pointers/remote presenters, and video adapters.

The program has been fully operational since 2001, and has been judged by patrons and staff alike to be a great success. We are now seeking funding from the STF to both upgrade and expand our services to students: To replace the oldest laptops, digital cameras, and DSLR bodies; and to increase the overall number of laptops and add new capabilities (tablet PCs, GoPro systems, higher-quality audio recorders).

Category Justification

The equipment requested in this proposal is inherently portable, and would be incorporated into our existing Student Equipment Loaner Pool for field and other use by students.


In the environmental design professions it is expected that graduates will be capable users of technology, including laptop computers used in field settings, digital documentation and analysis techniques (still, video, and audio), and the like. CBE educational programs have integrated the use of these technologies into the classroom, studio, and into the fieldwork that is associated with the environmental design professions, creating the need for flexible access to portable equipment that is both highly capable and able to withstand the rigors of work in the field.

While budgetary realities in higher education point to a growing expectation that students will provide their own laptop computers, this creates a problem of access - particularly for less privileged students who cannot afford to purchase the equipment needed to match technological standards in the field. It is also unreasonable to expect students to purchase expensive equipment such as sophisticated cameras for only occasional use. To address the problem of providing flexible student access to sophisticated portable equipment, the CBE Computing group established a partnership with the Built Environments Library (located in 334 Gould Hall) to make equipment available on loan to students enrolled in CBE degree programs.

This program has been in operation since 2001, and has been quite successful in making advanced portable technology available to all students in the College.

We now have both a need to replace some old and failing equipment, and an opportunity to address student demand by adding to the overall number of laptops in the pool and by adding new devices that have become quite useful in field work. Specifically, we would like to purchase:

9 MacBook Pro laptops, three of which would replace dying ones purchased in 2008. The remaining six would add to the Mac side of our loaner pool to address increasing student demand. These would be loaded with our standard loaner Mac image, which contains all our discipline-specific and related software. Licensing arrangements are already in place to address the increased number of seats.

6 Windows portable workstations. These would add a higher performance option to the Windows side of our loaner pool, as well as increasing the number of Windows laptops available to students, thus addressing increased student demand. These would be loaded with our standard loaner Windows image, which contains all our discipline-specific and related software. Licensing arrangements are already in place to address the increased number of seats.

4 Tablet PCs, to address increasing tablet demand now that discipline-specific software can make good use of tablet features. Like the Windows laptops, these would be loaded with our standard loaner Mac image, which contains all our discipline-specific and related software. Licensing arrangements are already in place to address the increased number of seats.

2 DSLR camera bodies, to replace two obsolete units purchased in 2003.

6 point-and-shoot digital cameras, to replace six obsolete and failing units purchased in 2004.

4 GoPro video camera systems to address ongoing student demand for access to this astonishing versatile technology.

2 high-quality audio recorders to enhance our audio offerings.

Benefits to Students and the University

The primary technical benefits of replacing the very old laptops and cameras are that students would have access to speedy and capable equipment that works reliably and is easy to use. This would make it easier for them to efficiently produce high-quality work, which would enhance their educational experience here at the UW.

The primary technical benefit of adding the new equipment is to take advantage of new technical capabilities:

1. Applications used in our disciplines are now able to make good use of modern, capable tablets with multi-touch screens and integrated cameras. This has led to increased student demand for tablet PCs in the library loaner pool - a demand which current technology can capably address.

2. GoPro ruggedized camera systems have feature sets that are nearly perfect for outdoor field work done by CBE students. Students in CBE are very interested in having these available.

3. High quality audio recorders have become reasonably priced and straightforward to use. Adding these to the loaner pool would allow more faithful recording of complex sounds (e.g. music, environmental sounds), which would be useful to those of our students doing anthropological and environmental field work.

The primary access benefit is that these upgrades and expansions directly address the mission of the CBE Student Equipment Loaner Program - to provide students with flexible access to equipment they need to do their work. While there are default loan periods for all items, we have in place a mechanism to easily alter these loan periods on a case-by-case basis to address student needs for longer loan periods (e.g. to accommodate out-of-town field work). A secondary access benefit is that having a sufficient number of reliable computers, cameras, and other equipment in the loaner pool will make it much more likely that students will be able to gain access to equipment they need, when they need it.


Common Metrics:

1. Student Access

a. How many students will utilize this technology? All of the roughly 750 students in the College of Built Environments are eligible to use the equipment.

b. How will students hear about, and locate, this technology? Through CBE student orientations, announcements in CBE studio classes, college web site, presentations, emails to students, word-of-mouth.

2. Departmental Support and Responsibility

a. Will the project have necessary access to UW or departmental infrastructure (including security, maintenance, power, water, sewer, Internet/WiFi, insurance, or other needs for full operation)? Yes. This includes VPN support provided by CBE technical staff, so students may use locally-licensed software (e.g. Autodesk suite) from locations that are not on the UW network. The equipment will be insured through UW Risk Management; insurance funding will be provided by the College.

b. Does the project have the necessary support, maintenance, and administrative staff to effectively serve users? Yes. Student computing in CBE is supported by 2 FTE of technical staff plus approximately 2 FTE of student help desk staff. Other College technical staff members are available to provide additional and/or specialized support as needed.

c. How accessible will support staff be to the students utilizing the technology (i.e. by email, phone, onsite, etc.)? By email, phone, and onsite. Staff are on duty roughly 8am - 7pm weekdays, and on weekend afternoons. The email help address is monitored nearly 24/7, so critical issues can be addressed even if no-one is on duty. Additionally, documentation for equipment in the CBE Student Equipment Loaner Program is available online on the CBE web site.

3. Cost-Benefit

a. Are there broader impacts to funding this technology beyond the proposal's primary use? CBE students use this technology to support their off-campus work. This work can take the form of collaborative projects among students, of public meetings with project stakeholders and community members, of individual exploration. So the impacts are quite broad, encompassing students' individual and group work as well as reputation-enhancing work with the wider community.

b. Is the money in the budget apportioned in a sensible way that will satisfy the intended needs for the target population? Yes. The proposed laptops, while not extravagant, will effectively run our demanding discipline-specific applications, and are sufficiently well built to withstand the rigors of the sort of field work that our students do. The Mac/PC mix reflects current usage patterns, which have been working well. The camera and camera body replacements address ongoing demonstrated need for access to this sort of equipment. Tablet PCs, GoPro systems, and high-quality audio recorders, while new to the Student Equipment Loaner pool, address student demand in a way that will allow for both flexibility (by specifying fully-featured systems, especially in the GoPro case), and expansion to address actual usage patterns as they develop.

c. Will the successful execution of this project significantly benefit UW students in the long-term? Yes. Work in the disciplines associated with the College of Built Environments - Architecture, Construction Management, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design & Planning, Real Estate - is inherently mobile, involving collaborative design work, community and stakeholder meetings, and development/analysis work at project sites. It is therefore extremely important for CBE students to develop great facility with this mode of working. The equipment requested in this proposal is aimed directly at this development, and its use will be of substantial long-term benefit to students.

d. Are the requested technologies appropriate for the project's intended uses? Yes. The equipment is capable and rugged, while being easily transportable.

e. Are there other resources on campus that fulfill this need? No. It may seem that the Kane/CSS or OUGL laptops would work, but there are two major problems with these. The installed software collection is quite limited, and does not address CBE students' needs for ready access to complex, discipline-specific software (e.g. AutoCAD, Autodesk Architecture, Revit, Navisworks, Autodesk VIZ, ArcGIS, Sketchup). A mechanism of installing these very large packages on a laptop before it can be effectively used by a design student is simply untenable. Second is that, due to CBE's longstanding and close relationship with the BE library, it is possible to respond with great flexibility and rapidity to students' needs for altered checkout periods and other special access arrangements. This flexibility has proven over the years to be highly beneficial to students in CBE's high-pressure (and often highly stressful) programs.

4. Scholarship

a. Does the project bring significant attention to the UW and/or your department in some way? Yes, in two major ways: First, it is an expression of CBE's commitment to providing students with the tools they need to make the best possible use of their time here. Since many UW students come from less-privileged backgrounds, having such resources available is an important part of helping these students become successful. This reputation for concern about students and commitment to their success is one of the distinguishing features of the College of Built Environments, relative to other such schools in the US. Second, since students would take this loaner equipment off-campus to work with project stakeholders, using it to help put their insight and skill at the service of the community, it would also enhance the UW's reputation with this community.

b. Does the project provide students with the tools necessary to achieve academic success in their classes and coursework? Yes. Easy access to computing power and the discipline-specific software essential to their work, and the ability to document (and take audio and video data from) their activities in the field are vital to students' academic success in the disciplines of CBE. This project, by providing mobile computing, imaging, and audio resources, is an essential part of providing this access.

c. Does the technology provide students with the tools necessary to conduct independent research, research for in-class projects, design projects, competitions, and graduate level research? Yes. Equipment available to students through the CBE Student Equipment Loaner Program is used by students every day the UW is in session for just these sorts of activities - to conduct independent and class-related research, develop and present design projects, prepare for and participate in local, regional, and national competitions, and to do graduate level research.

5. Portable Category Metrics:

a. How portable is this technology? All of the proposed items are extremely portable.

b. Can this technology be used in new and innovative ways due to its portability? It varies. A laptop is not particularly new or innovative, although these laptops, when equipped with our discipline-specific software, can bring design workstation functionality to environments like field work or public meetings - thus giving students the opportunity to make the design process more transparent to project stakeholders. The GoPro units, especially when equipped with the broad range of mounting hardware that we're proposing, allow for significant innovative use, from mounting on a diver doing an underwater structural inspection to mounting on a drone or ultralight aircraft for inspection of otherwise-inaccessible building or natural features.

c. Is this product durable and likely to survive a reasonable period of time or is there a replacement policy, or does the benefits of fragility outweigh the costs? The equipment is likely to survive quite a long time. Additionally, we've had many years' experience loaning out equipment, and have developed replacement policies and the insurance and funding mechanisms needed to sustain them. The most fragile items are probably the camera bodies. The old camera bodies we are proposing to replace were purchased in 2003. The fact that they're only now beginning to fail beyond repair is testament both to the care with which our students use the equipment and to our ability to keep things running.

Departmental Endorsements

I have carefully read all three proposals and strongly support all three. Providing access to state-of-the-art equipment is critical to our ability to provide a quality educational experience to our students. Upgrading and expanding our existing equipment loaner set of equipment is needed to support our increased enrollment within the college. The laser cutter and robot arm system represent significant enhancement to our digital fabrication capabilities.

John Schaufelberger
Dean, College of Built Environments


I highly endorse this proposal. The Department of Architecture has constant need for both Mac and Windows Laptops as well as good functioning digital cameras.

David Miller
Chair, Department of Architecture


I endorse these proposals. These are much-needed improvements that will benefit our students.


Jeff Hou, PhD, ASLA
Chair, Landscape Architecture


I endorse these proposals, I particularly like how the proposals put technology into students' hands. This enables our students to learn by doing.

Bill Bender
Chair, Construction Management

Installation Timeline

The equipment would be ordered as soon as funds became available in July, and would be processed and deployed upon arrival,
so would be in place for the start of Autumn Quarter, 2015.

Resources Provided by Department

Ongoing maintenance, operations, and support costs associated with this proposal would be covered by the CBE Computing operations budget. This budget is sufficient to cover ongoing costs associated with this proposal.

Student computing in CBE is supported by 2 FTE of technical staff members plus approximately 2 FTE of student help desk staff. Other College technical staff members are available to provide additional and/or specialized support as needed.

Access Restrictions (if any)

All students in good standing enrolled in CBE degree programs have access to all loaner equipment, consistent with the established policies governing the CBE Student Equipment Loaner Program. Open hours for borrowing are determined by the operations of the Built Environments Library.

Student Endorsements

I am in favor of the CBE Student Equipment Loaner Pool Upgrade/Expansion proposal. I know that these devices are essential to the students and the development of their studies. While most students do not have or cannot afford a $500 camera, this program allows them to have access to these devices and more. In this world of fast-pasted electronic development and growth, most products have been replaced with a new advancement within 1 year. That being said, it is not surprising that we need to fix and/or upgrade many of these device. Therefore, I am in great support of this proposal.

Gregory Krause


It's important that our old equipment gets replaced! The GoPro cameras would be really useful tools to have access to.

Tiernan Martin
Master of Urban Planning (MUP) Candidate | Class of 2015


I support the proposal for CBE Student Equipment Loaner Pool Upgrade/Expansion. As class groups gain in size, there has been a trend toward "laptop computer labs" for courses that train students in necessary computer skills within our professions. These require each student to bring a laptop to class that can run the most current design software. Currently the loaner pool of laptops is not large enough to support this, and some laptops are old and unreliable. Those without the means to purchase their own are forced to deal with an unfair disadvantage. I support the proposal to purchase up-to-date loaner technology.

Grayson Morris


Existing DSLR cameras and laptops available to check out by the students at the CBE library are too old and sometimes unusable for particular design/research tasks such as the application of simulation and rendering platforms.

I think these proposals will be absolutely useful for the students in the College of Built Environments.

Alireza Hashemloo
Master of Architecture
Master of Science in Design Computing


As a student of the CBE I believe all these technologies would be a great improvement to our education. Updated library laptops would assist my peers and I by providing faster function. I can't stress enough how busy we all are and how frustrating it is to spend one's valuable time watching a computer load.

Peter Olmsted


The addition of new technologies to the Equipment Loaner Pool program will have a positive impact on CBE students like me, who cannot afford this equipment and must rely on the program for academic projects.

Francisco Blanco


My comments below are in support of the CBE Student Equipment Loaner Pool Upgrade/Expansion proposal. Of particular interest to me are the upgrades or additions to the following equipment:

4 Tablet PCs: Tablets can be incredibly useful and versatile tools for conducting fieldwork. They allow you to reference or edit digital maps/spatial diagrams while you're out on a site. In addition, tablets provide a more efficient method of collecting public feedback through digital surveys.

4 GoPro video camera systems, 2 high-quality audio recorders: GoPros have so many potential uses, particularly when it comes to studying how people move about cities. As someone who is particularly interested in conducting video interviews with practicing planners and creating educational videos about urban planning, these two pieces of equipment would be invaluable to me. I will definitely make regular use of these pieces of equipment, if they are added to the loaner pool.

Stephanie Velasco
Master of Urban Planning, Class of 2016


As a graduate student in CBE, I enthusiastically support the CBE Student Equipment Loaner Pool Upgrade/Expansion. Pooling student funds to purchase equipment that students may not have access to with their own resources is essential to providing a successful educational experience for the students of the college.

Shannon Tyman


I would particularly like to express my support for the proposal for CBE Student Equipment Loaner Pool Upgrade/Expansion. Access to high-quality, functioning equipment is really important, and makes it possible for students to produce professional-quality work. Acquisition of new laptops, cameras and other recording equipment would be much appreciated!

Holly Taylor
PhD Program in the Built Environment


I strongly support this proposal. I myself have borrowed equipment on several occasions, both MacBook and Windows laptops, and do agree that the pool needs to be bigger, as the demand is high. Especially, while most of the students in CBE use high performance systems, the chances of system malfunctioning is very high, which often makes students helpless within precious hours of submission deadline, and systems in Digital Commons is also limited compared to high demand. Updating and increasing the pool can provide a more helpful backup support for students to continue without much interruption. I also support the proposal to buy new cameras and GoPro units, as we often need to visually document built and natural environments and their characteristics, but hand-sketch or rendering takes a lot of time that often we don't have. GoPro and modern cameras will help documenting visuals that will improve the quality of evidence, ease of usage and better understanding of the built environment.

Debmalya Sinha


Thank you for all your work on figuring this out and drafting the proposals. It would be great if this gets approved. I fully support this proposal.

Jiawen Hu


I am writing to extend my support of these proposals, and to affirm the necessity of such investments for our education. Our ability to use emerging technologies, to explore and create using these tools, is central to our progress and preparation for modern architectural practice. Our limited time in school is our primary opportunity to push boundaries, to research and discover, and we cannot accomplish this without tools (particularly things like the robot arm) that are also pushing the boundaries of building and modeling technology. I hope this can be seen as one of many small steps towards making the CBE at UW a powerful source of contemporary architectural innovation in the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you,
Adam Clements


Having access to high quality equipment is essential to the success of students in the College of Built Environments. I'm excited to work with the laser cutter, go-pros and the robot arm!

Melissa Gaughan
Master of Urban Planning 2016


I believe these upgrades are vital to the department. As students and young designers exposure to new resources (and the necessary upgrading of existing ones) are essential for helping us push ourselves and our disciplines. I also think of it as important to the College itself so that it can continue to sustain its reputation as a first class institution.

Keeping pace with technology is not just an exercise in technological vanity, but a necessary part of today's world. This is particularly true to the CBE where design and the worlds it creates operate at the intersection of the humanities and technology.

Andrew Prindle


I'm writing to express my support for the CBE Student Tech Fee grant proposals. One of the highlights of UW CBE is the access students have to all the digital tools. Improving student access to digital tools and expanding the palette of digital tools can only make the CBE a better place to study. It will also make the CBE more attractive to potential applicants.

Jason Gover


Mark Baratta has shown great initiative in his proposals for upgrading student technology resources at the College of Built Environments. I know students will be very excited to use upgraded computers and cameras from our loaner pool, as Mark has outlined.

I support the 3 proposals outlined by Mr. Baratta. I believe it is in the CBE's, and the students who use our facilities, best interest to see these projects come to life. Please extend support to these 3 proposals.

Thank you,
Maksim Kramarevsky


As a concurrent MLA and MUP student, I fully this request. The college desperately needs upgraded tech equipment. The loaner computers are painfully slow and weaken our education.

Thanks so much,
Joel Miller
Master of Landscape Architecture / Master of Urban Planning


I think that our expectations of the UW is to have high quality functional equipment and the cameras, laptops, and other resources that do not meet that standard should be addressed. Part of why I chose UW over other schools I got into was the college's commitment to being on the cutting edge of technology and therefore I support investment to support that culture.

Bill Flanigan


I am particularly supportive of the addition of cameras for student use and the addition of a laser cutter to the school's equipment. Enabling students to make multi-media presentations and easing the backup of laser cutter use will do wonders!

Scott Bonjukian
Assoc. AIA, LEED Green Associate
Master of Urban Planning 2015, University of Washington


I want to show my emphatic support of the following proposals to improve aspects of technology throughout the College of Built Environments. Specifically the proposals for equipment loaner upgrades and expansion, as well as for a high power laser cutter. These are technologies that are well used, in high demand and key to the success of myself and other students in the college.

Thank you.
Kenna Patrick, MLA


I am writing in strong support of the proposals put forth to advance the competitiveness of the College of Built Environments. All of these technology upgrades are vital in order for students to have continued success learning new cutting edge skills that are expected in the job market today.

I whole heartedly support these proposals and think they are very necessary for the CBE.

Josh Saitelbach


I apologize for not being able to write at length, but I want to express my support for these proposals. All three would be wonderful additions to the College's digital curriculum, and I fully endorse student technology funds being used to do so.

Brad Hutchinson
M.Arch 2015


Technology in the College of Built Environments is fundamental to what we do, and having the best possible resources on hand is a must. Even those of us who don't use many of the machines as often as others can appreciate the value of having efficient and fully functional equipment in our libraries, labs and workshops. The vitality and creativity of the College as a whole depends on our ability to remain on the cutting edge, and we all benefit from that, no matter what or how we study.

Daniel Coslett, BE Ph.D. Candidate


I would like to agree with this proposal for new tools within the college.

Michal Okonski


I support all the proposals.



Mia Guo


You have my whole-hearted approval on all three proposals. I particularly support expanding our pool of loaner equipment.

Thank you for the thought and time you put into these proposals on behalf of CBE students -- it is very much appreciated!

Very Best,
Catherine M.C. Silva
MUP/MPA Candidate, 2015


As a graduate student of CBE, UW, I think those proposals of new equipment will definitely help the students in many ways. They are also important to help CBE, UW keep pace with other architecture schools around the nation and to take the college's education into a new level.

Mingjun Yin



Group Funded Item Unit price Quantity Subtotal

MacBook Pro

$2,596.00 9 $23,364.00

MacBook Pro 15, i7 2.5GHz, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M w/2GB GDDR5, Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter, Mini DP to VGA adapter, 3-year warranty
UW Apple Store for Education (


Three of these are to replace three MacBook Pro laptops that were purchased in 2008. These old machines are failing after years of heavy use, and are old enough that they can't effectively run the graphics, CAD, and other discipline-specific software that CBE students need to use. CBE students have expressed continuing interest in having Mac laptops available, so we're requesting current MacBook Pros as replacements.

The other six MacBook Pros will increase our loaner pool and help us to meet student demand for these popular items.

The new laptops would be loaded with the standard CBE student suite of Mac software, which includes discipline-specific and -related software such as SketchUP Pro, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Flash Pro, Acrobat Pro, iPhoto, iDVD, iMovie, MS Office, etc. Licenses for these applications are through various College licensing arrangements, so no new licenses would need to be purchased.
We can re-use existing security cables and carrying cases, so we are only requesting cases for the six laptops that are not replacing older units (we have lots of security cables on hand, so do not need to request funding for more as part of this proposal).

CDW-G does not provide Apple products to educational entities, so we would purchase these directly from the UW Apple Store for Education.

Windows laptop

$2,302.70 6 $13,816.20

Lenovo ThinkPad W540 laptop (Core i7 4800MQ / 2.7 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, DVD-Writer, 15.5" 2880 x 1620 display, NVIDIA Quadro K2100M / Intel HD Graphics 4600, 802.11ac, 3-yr onsite warranty)
CDW-G p/n 3451844, 2951145


These are to expand our Windows laptop offering to meet student demand, adding higher-performance laptops with more capable graphics cards.

We did not choose one of the HP / CDW-G standard laptops because we now have several years' experience with various HP ProBook and EliteBook models, and have found them to have fairly poor build quality (keys popping off, etc.) and general flakiness (intermittent crashes, inconsistent behavior when imaging, etc.). We've been buying Lenovo ThinkPads for faculty and staff for years, and have found them to be far more reliable.

The new laptops would be loaded with the standard CBE student suite of Windows software, which includes discipline-specific and -related software such as AGI32, the Autodesk suite (AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, Ecotect, Robot, etc.), Rhino (with many plugins), SketchUP Pro, Strata 3D, Radiance, Primavera Project Planner, Timberline, Suretrak, ArcGIS, ArcView, Imagine, UrbanSim, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Flash Pro, Acrobat Pro, SPSS, MS Office, MS Project, Argus, Energy 10, etc. Licenses for these applications are through various College licensing arrangements, so no new licenses would need to be purchased.

We can re-purpose existing security cables, but are requesting new cases for these new laptops as part of this proposal.

RAM expansion for Windows laptops

$113.99 6 $683.94

Lenovo DDR3L 8GB RAM for ThinkPad W540, installation
CDW-G p/n 3080343, 1706189


RAM tends to be a bottleneck with many of our discipline-specific applications. We therefore spec 16GB RAM as a minimum whenever the machine can support it. CDW-G offers an installation service for $10 per machine (included in the price of this item), which incorporates the installed parts in the machine's overall warranty.

Tablet PC

$1,483.35 4 $5,933.40

Dell Venue 11 Pro 7000, i5 1.6GHz, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 2MP front camera, 8MB back camera, 802.11bgn + BT 4.0, 10.8" display, MiniHDMI to VGA adapter, Targus Netbook/Tablet case, 3-year warranty
Dell eProcurement quote


Many of our discipline-specific applications are now able to make use of tablet PCs' multi-touch features, cameras, GPS accessories, etc. To provide students with a means to explore these new capabilities in their field work, we would like to add a few tablet PCs to our loaner pool. While these machines are not sufficiently high-performance for complex design, simulation, or rendering work, they can be used quite effectively in the field to explore ideas on site - doing things like superimposing designed structures in the digital realm upon the view through the device's camera.

CDW-G does not sell these, so we would purchase them through Dell's UW eProcurement site.

Case for Mac laptops

$22.49 6 $134.94

Case Logic DLC-115-BLACK case


Carrying cases for the six proposed Mac laptops that are adding to our Mac laptop inventory. The three Mac laptops that are replacements for defunct units can use the older units' cases, which are in reasonably good condition. CDW-G's price for this case is $5.66 more than Amazon's.

Case for Windows laptops

$23.99 6 $143.94

Lenovo ThinkPad Essential Topload case, Lenovo p/n 4X40E77328
CDW-G p/n 3353288


Carrying cases for the six proposed Windows laptops that are adding to our Windows laptop inventory.


DSLR camera body

$696.95 2 $1,393.90

Nikon D5300 DSLR body bundle with case, memory card


These replace two failing (and technologically obsolete) Nikon D100 camera bodies purchased in 2003. Nikon lenses are interchangeable, so we will be able to use our existing extensive Nikon lens stock with these new camera bodies.

CDW-G does not sell the D5300 body alone (or in a bundle with case and memory card). Rather, they only sell it with an 18-55mm lens, of which we have many. We would therefore purchase these through

Digital Camera

$297.99 6 $1,787.94

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70 16.1 MP digital camera with 60x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3-Inch LCD


These replace six failing and technologically obsolete Nikon Coolpix 5400 fixed lens cameras that were purchased in 2004, and have been heavily used for many years. Higher resolution and modern features - especially image stabilization and video acquisition - will make these new cameras much more useful to students that the ones they would replace.

This camera is not available from CDW-G.

cases for digital cameras

$14.93 6 $89.58

Case Logic DCB-304 case


The Panasonic Lumix cameras in this proposal are a bit larger than the Coolpix 5400 cameras they would replace - such that they won't fit in the Coolpix 5400 cases. We are therefore requesting new cases.

This case is not available from CDW-G.


GoPro Camera

$380.34 4 $1,521.36

GoPro HERO4 Silver Standard, p/n CHDHY-401
CDW-G p/n 3511717


The GoPro system (camera plus specialized mounts and enclosures) is an incredibly flexible, easy way to capture wide field video and still images. Students in our disciplines have asked to have these systems available for them to use in field work (construction site visits, video acquisition in conjunction with real-time sound analysis, building inspection (attached to drones flying Revit-defined paths), etc.). This model has just the right feature set for CBE student use - including a touch-screen viewfinder, and substantially longer battery life than the more expensive top-of-the-line model.

Every GoPro user we spoke with while working up this proposal told us to be sure to request a wide variety of GoPro mounts with the cameras. We are therefore requesting a range of mounts for each camera, which we would package together as a camera system. This would ensure that students out in the field would be able to rig the cameras to do whatever they need to do.

GoPro Sportsman Mount

$62.14 4 $248.56

GoPro Sportsman Mount (for mounting to small tubes), p/n ASGUM-001
CDW-G p/n 3391924


This GoPro mount is intended for use on a rifle, fishing rod, or bow, but can be used to mount the camera to any small tube-like object with a diameter of 0.4" to 0.9". It includes an articulated arm to allow very flexible camera positioning.

GoPro Frame Enclosure

$31.54 4 $126.16

GoPro Frame Mount, p/n ANDFR-301
CDW-G p/n 3391910


This GoPro enclosure is an alternative to the waterproof enclosure that comes with the camera. It allows effective use of the camera's internal microphone (which is significantly muffled by the waterproof enclosure) and makes it easy to access the camera's controls and memory card.

GoPro Head Strap + Quick Clip

$15.76 4 $63.04

GoPro Head Strap + Quick Clip, p/n ACHOM-001
CDW-G p/n 3391857


The Head Strap and Quick Clip provide a variety of head-mounting options for the GoPro camera. The head strap can be worn directly on the head, or over a helmet. The quick clip can mount on a cap or similar object.

GoPro Flex Clamp Mount

$35.25 4 $141.00

GoPro Flex Clamp Mount, p/n ACMPM-001
GDW-G p/n 3226290


This mount works with irregularly-shaped objects ranging in size from 0.25" to 2". It includes a gooseneck attachment to allow a wide range of camera angle adjustments.

GoPro Roll Bar Mount

$25.04 4 $100.16

GoPro Roll Bar Mount (for mounting on large tubes), p/n GRBM30
CDW-G p/n 3391947


This GoPro mount is intended for use on ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) roll bars, but can be used to mount the camera to any large tube-like object with a diameter of 1.4" to 2.5".

GoPro Battery, Charger

$50.09 4 $200.36

GoPro Dual Battery Charger + Battery, p/n AHBBP-401
CDW-G p/n 3532755


This is an extra battery and rapid charger for each GoPro system.

Sandisk Memory Card

$68.55 4 $274.20

SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSDXC USH-I Memory Card (Class 10, U1), Sandisk p/n SDSDQXL-064G
CDW-G p/n 3260307


GoPro units do not come with memory cards. This (and a Lexar model) are the cards recommended by the camera's manufacturer, since they're able to keep up with the write speed demanded by the HERO4 series cameras.

GoPro AV/USB Interface Cable

$24.75 4 $99.00

GoPro Combo Cable (audio in/out, video out, USB), p/n ANCBL-301
CDW-G p/n 3474113


This cable permits connection of external microphones (or other line-level audio) to the GoPro camera, and provides AV out and a USB extension for the camera.

GoPro 3-Way Mount

$62.14 4 $248.56

GoPro 3-Way Mount, p/n AFAEM-001
CDW-G p/n 3391860


This mount provides camera grip, extension arm, and tripod options for mounting the GoPro.

GoPro Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount

$16.69 4 $66.76

GoPro Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount (for mounting on medium sized tubes), p/n GRH30
CDW-G p/n 3391949


This GoPro mount is intended for use on bicycles, but can be used to mount the camera to any medium-sized tube-like object with a diameter of 0.75" to 1.4".


Digital Audio Recorder

$279.99 2 $559.98

Zoom H4n Handy Recorder Bundle with 16GB SDHC Card, RC-4 Remote, Headphones, Mini Tripod, and SKB Hard Case


Students have requested a higher-quality alternative to the two Tascam DR-07 digital audio recorders (purchased in 2009) that we currently have in our loaner pool. (While the Tascam units are fine for voice (e.g. interviews), they don't capture with sufficient fidelity to work well for music, or for gathering sound data in the field for later analysis.) The Zoom H4n units are able to handle these more demanding tasks. The particular bundles we're requesting include everything we need to provide complete systems.


Sales tax

$4,844.71 1 $4,844.71

sales/use tax


sales/use tax

Total requested: $55,841.69

Total funded: $55,841.69


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