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Proposal ID 2015-017
Submitted January 13, 2015
Owner Doess
Department Earth and Space Sciences
Category Software
Funding Status Fully Funded
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  • Kendra Pivaroff-Ward
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  • Sue Bernhardt
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  • Lisa Graumlich
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Fast Track Requested.

Students in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences wish to have access to software that can aid in subsurface exploration and modeling. The proposed software (GAEA Technologies, WinLog/WinFence) is capable of creating detailed, full-colored cross-sections and fence diagrams. In addition to individual student research, this software could be used as a teaching aid for several classes in the department. Courses that could benefit from this resource include, but are not limited to, Engineering Geology, Field Methods in Applied Geology I, Field Methods in Applied Geology II, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Glaciology, Fluvial Geomorphology, and Hillslope Geomorphology.

Category Justification



The Puget Lowland has very complex geology due to multiple glaciations and recent geomorphic processes, such as landslides. The geology of this region is complicated and is poorly understood; the same can be said for other regions that have similar geologic histories. However, graduate and undergraduate students in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences are involved in a variety of research that is related to better understanding the local and regional geology of such areas. In particular, many of the students in the Masters in Earth and Space Sciences: Applied Geosciences (MESSAGe) Program have chosen research topics that relate to the geology of the Puget Sound area for their capstone projects.

The WinLog/WinFence software package will greatly aid in understanding and interpreting subsurface data, and will expedite research in the following fields: Engineering Geology, Civil Engineering, Geotechnology, Geomorphology (landslides, fluvial systems, bluff erosion), Glaciology, and more.

Benefits to Students and the University

In the Department of Earth and Space Sciences, many students are actively researching geology and geomorphic processes of Western Washington. When using large sets of data, such as hundreds of boring logs from a city, interpretations can be difficult to make by hand. GAEA Technologies' WinLog and WinFence software will allow student to organize, sort, and interpret huge amounts of subsurface data in much less time and with greater precision than by hand calculations. The WinLog program allows users to upload and store boring data. This data can then be interpreted in WinFence using 2D cross-sections and/or 3D fence diagrams. This software package will aid students in interpreting large sets of subsurface data as well as generate illustrations which can be used in publications and other reports. The software is easy to learn, and no additional training is required.

Departmental Endorsements

Greetings STF Committee;

This STF proposal to purchase "WinFence" software is purely a student driven proposal that the ESS dept strongly supports. We have existing machines sufficient for the software to run on already set-up in accessible locations. Supporting this software should be a small task (install & backup) but an important priority.

Thank you


Ed Mulligan, UW ESS computer & network support

Installation Timeline

The items described in this proposal will be ordered within one week of notification of a successful award. The items will be shipped by the supplier via FedEx and will arrive to the ESS department within ten business-days. The software will then be installed on two department computers by the ESS computing staff within 1 week of arriving.

Resources Provided by Department

The software will be installed on two department computers that meet the following hardware and software requirements:

Windows 7 or 8 (32 bit or 64 bit)
A graphics adapter that supports OpenGL
OpenGL 1.2 or higher
At least 4 GB of RAM
At least 20 GB of hard drive space

These computers and the software will be fully supported and maintained by the Earth and Space Science department computing staff.

Access Restrictions (if any)


Student Endorsements

The purchase of WinLog and WinFence would highly benefit the Earth and Space Sciences department as well as the local community. With the complex glacial stratigraphy of the Puget Lowland combined with high landslide rates, better defining the Puget Lowland stratigraphy is important. I believe WinLog and WinFence are needed to better understand the stratigraphy in the Puget Lowland using boring log data.

Tait Russell
MS Candidate, Earth & Space Sciences Department


A program that allows students to create fence diagrams from boring logs would be very useful in their training for the world of applied geoscience. Geologic consulting often requires this type of modeling in subsurface investigations. The opportunity to learn this specific skill as a part of our education gives us a great advantage in our career pursuits.

Bryan Holmes
MS, Applied Geoscience


The ESS department would greatly benefit from the addition of the WinLog/WinFence software. The Applied Geoscience program encounters borehole data with several classes and in some outside research projects. Analyzing these data would be more convenient and less time consuming with this software.

Rebekah D. Cesmat, GIT
(ESS Graduate Student)


A fence model would have been a great addition to my research. I chose not to pursue such a model because a program like WinLog/WinFence was not available for me to use while I was doing my research.

Jeff Tinklepaugh, MS, GIT
(ESS Graduate, Dec. 2014)


The WinLog/WinFence software would greatly aid in many of my colleagues' research in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences. In addition to generating useful illustrations, this software will make interpreting boring data much less strenuous. I think this will be a great addition to the ESS Department and will serve as a useful resource to students.

Joshua Hilberbrand
MESSAGe Student


Group Funded Item Unit price Quantity Subtotal

WinLog5 (Geotechnical)

$497.50 2 $995.00

The WinLoG version 5 extension module of StrataExplorer can be used to quickly and easily create, edit and print boring and well logs for a variety of industries. WinLoG is used by more than 3000 firms in more than 80 countries worldwide. The geotechnical version of this module has been specifically designed for the geotechnical industry with data types and columns tailored to this industry.

The graphical user interface displays the log as it is edited and shows exactly how the log will look when it is printed. There is also a new sidebar that can be used to quickly edit parts of the log.

Each log can contain optional headers and footers and a large number of depth related column data. The types of columns available depend on the industry and can include lithologic descriptions and symbols, well data, sample and core data, geophysical data, lab data, etc. Numerous new types of columns have been added for this version to support specific industries. In addition, the units and type of data being input is stored in the database so that it can be used for later calculations.

Templates are used to control the layout and formatting of the log. In general, all of the logs for a project would use one or two templates to format the logs. In this way a consistent format can be established within a project and across projects. The module comes with more than 50 pre-designed templates depending upon the industry. In this latest version, the editing of templates has been significantly improved with features such as ruler bars, versioning, and drag and drop.

Each template consists of a header, footer, and several columns. Templates can be customized to display different header and footer titles, number and type of columns, and fonts. In addition, the size and location of the above can be easily changed using the mouse. A company logo or site map, stored as a bitmap can also be included in a template.

After the data for the boring and well data has been entered in this module it can be used to create cross-sections and contour maps in the other modules. In addition, the borings/wells can be displayed in 3D showing their lithologies and any deviated paths.


WinLog5 (Geotechnical) is coupled with WinFence5 (Geotechnical). WinLog is used to store and edit data. The data can then be analyzed using WinFence. WinFence requires WinLog to operate.

This software comes tailored to specific industries. The software for the Geotechnical industry will best suit the needs of ESS students.

This package is available to us at a 50% Academic Discount (original cost is $995.00).

Two single-use licenses are requested, so that the software can be installed on two separate computers in the department.

WinFence5 (Geotechnical)

$497.50 2 $995.00

The WinFence version 3 cross-section extension module of StrataExplorer can be used to quickly create detailed full color cross-sections. The geotechnical version of this module has been specifically designed for the geotechnical industry.

A wide variety of strata can be used to create cross-sections. Depending on the industry, types of strata that can be used include layers, faults, lenses, intrusions, and alteration zones (mineralization, contamination, hydrocarbons, shear strength). Very detailed and complicated stratigraphy can be represented and easily drawn.

This module shares the same database as the boring log module and can be used to access and plot the boring/well data. A wide variety of boring/well data can be plotted on the cross-sections; including lithologic symbols, sample symbols, core logs, well diagrams, graphs, and geophysical logs.

There is the option to have the program automatically generate the cross-section using artificial intelligence (AI) built-into the program. When determining how to connect the strata between boreholes, wells, and intersecting cross-sections the program looks at the similarities in the lithologies, thicknesses, and occurrence of the strata. This methodology works well with most geologies; except, where the geology is very complicated or there are faults.

A unique snapping approach can be used to add layer, alteration zone, intrusion, and lense boundaries. This approach allows the boundary of one strata to be fixed to the boundary of another strata. Making the input of strata boundaries quick and accurate. Boundaries can be partially drawn and partially snapped. Snapped boundaries can include one or more different strata. In addition to snapping, strata boundaries can be assigned to the strata above or below.

After the cross-section has been created, the strata boundaries can be used to create contour maps in the contouring and gridding module. In addition, the cross-sections can be displayed in 3D as fence diagrams.


WinFence5 (Geotechnical) is coupled with WinLog5 (Geotechnical). WinFence is used to interpret data that has been added and saved to WinLog.

This software comes tailored to specific industries. The software for the Geotechnical industry will best suit the needs of ESS students.

This package is available to us at a 50% Academic Discount (original cost is $995.00 per license).

Two single-use licenses are requested, so that the software can be installed on two separate computers in the department.

Total requested: $1,990.00

Total funded: $1,990.00


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