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Proposal ID 2015-003
Submitted January 12, 2015
Owner hslcommons
Department Health Sciences Libraries
Category Computer Labs
Funding Status Fully Funded
Metric Score 3.80


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  • Terry Ann Jankowski
  • Assistant Director for User Experience, Health Sciences Library
  • 206 543-3397
  • Box 357155
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  • Akram Zouroufchi
  • Budget / Fiscal Unit Specialist, Health Sciences Library
  • 206 221-3413
  • Box 357155
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  • Lizabeth (Betsy) Wilson
  • Vice Provost for Digital Initiatives and Dean of Univ. Libraries
  • 206 543-1763
  • Box 352900



The Health Sciences Library Commons Computer Lab currently consists of 120 HP PCs and 10 iMacs for student general usage and scanning and printing. We are requesting $66208.55 to replace the oldest 60 of the HP PCs with 55 new PCs and 5 new iMacs. The workstations, purchased with funds from the Student Technology Fee Committee, have been very popular with students. It’s not uncommon to see most (or even all) of the workstations in use. Students run applications that require a high level of computing power, including analyzing large datasets using statistical software or designing complex graphics. By staggering workstation replacement (i.e. replacing half the workstations at a time), students who need extra computing power are assured of having access to the newer, more powerful equipment they need.

Category Justification

This proposal fits under the category of lab computers. The Health Sciences Library Commons computers are conveniently located in the Health Sciences Library in the teaching wing of the Health Sciences Building. Workstations are available for use by current UW students, faculty and staff with UW NetID authentication during the hours the library is open (77.5 hours/week). The Health Sciences Library, including the Commons computer lab, is the primary library for 5 of the 6 Health Sciences Schools: Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Public Health.

Replacement of workstations has been on a four-year staggered schedule, ensuring that students who need maximum computing power always have access to relatively new workstations.


The Health Sciences Library Commons Computer Lab was established in 1986 to support the computing needs of the six Health Sciences schools (Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, and Social Work) as well as programs in basic sciences. It is one of the longest operating computer labs on campus.

There were over 270,000 visits to the Health Sciences Library last year. According to a 2014 UW Libraries survey, about 25% of library users access the Commons Computer lab when they are in the library.

The Commons Computer Lab consists of a drop-in area for general use (currently 50 seats), plus 4 computer classrooms that are open to individual student use when a class is not session. A breakdown by funding of the workstations in the lab show HP PC units purchased in 2010 (2010-017-1) and a mix of HP PC units purchased in 2011 (2011-058-1) plus Macs purchased in 2013 (2013-037). The lab is open 7 days a week whenever the HS Library is open. In a fall 2013 survey, the average number of visits to the lab per week per person was 4 times and users indicated they used the Commons computers for multiple tasks during their visits.

All of the Commons computers provide access to the campus network, to the Libraries' public databases, to unique health sciences software programs not available in other computing labs, and to general-purpose applications such as word processing, presentation software, spreadsheets, statistical software, and email. Printing in the Learning Commons is self-service using the Dawg Prints system. The Commons currently has 10 iMac computers with large screens and multimedia creation software that were previously funded by an STF grant.

We are requesting 55 HP PC systems and 5 iMaC systems to replace our oldest, out of date. The change in in the proportion of PCs vs iMacs is in response to observations of student use of the lab as well as student comments. In our fall 2012 survey, the student respondents most commonly requested faster PCs and more iMac computers when asked what hardware or software they would like to see added and in their general comments.

Benefits to Students and the University

The Commons Computer Lab is the largest and most conveniently located computer lab on South Campus. Workstations continue to be in high demand in spite of the increasing availability of student laptops and tablets. A 2014 Libraries Survey shows that 32% of students use computers in the Commons Lab or the library study areas when they visit compared to 44% who use their own devices. Much of the continued use of Lab/Library workstations is due to the high level of computing power, access to expensive software (e.g. Stata), and large monitors. It’s not uncommon to see students multitasking by working on both the Lab workstations and their laptops.

The Commons Computer Lab contributes to the success of the Health Sciences students, most of whom are in graduate and professional programs, by providing them with the tools they need for their coursework and for independent research.

Our Spring 2014 survey shows that approximately 25% of library users use our Lab computers. They access resources, read email, complete course assignments, work on projects and print. The iMac computers are also used for scanning and with multimedia software. Upgrading these computers to newer, workstations will satisfy demands for faster workstations, meet demand for additional iMacs, and increase uptime and availability of machines that are under warranty for service and repairs.

Departmental Endorsements

I fully support this request to purchase new computers for the HSL Commons Computer Lab. Access to current computer technology is essential to the academic success of Health Sciences students.

Tania Bardyn, Associate Dean of Libraries & Director, Health Sciences Library

Installation Timeline

If funded, the computers will be purchased in July and installed upon delivery, before the start of Fall Quarter 2015.

Resources Provided by Department

The Health Sciences Library provides funding and staff for day-to-day operations and general administration of the library's Commons Computer Lab computers. A full-time Senior Computer Specialist (Paul Ludecke) and 3 student assistants are responsible for setup and maintenance of these computers. They also staff the Commons help desk and provide computer support for all library users.

The Commons Computer Lab occupies approximately 8600 square feet of space in the Health Sciences Library.

Access Restrictions (if any)

No access restrictions. Computers are available to students, faculty and staff with a UW NetID during the times the library is open. Normal hours are Monday – Thursday 7:30 am – 9:00 pm, Friday 7:30 am – 7:00 pm, Saturday noon – 5:00 pm and Sunday noon – 7:00 pm for a total of 77.5 hours/week.

The majority of the computers requested in this proposal will be located in the drop-in area of the lab which is not used for classes. Thirteen workstations will be located in one of the classrooms. The classrooms are available for drop-in use about 80% of the time the library is open. They are used for classes the other 20% of the time.

Student Endorsements

I am writing to voice my support for the Student Technology Fee funding request that the Health Sciences Library has submitted to replace 60 computers in the Commons. In my 2+ years as a UW Health Sciences graduate student, I have used the Commons computers on many occasions. During my first year, I relied upon them while doing group work for class and practicing for my PhD Qualifying Exam. During that time, I quickly realized how many students from other departments also rely on this resource. As a TA last spring, I found that the computers were very useful to students while they completed Epidemiology homework just before or after class, which was also in the library. I continue to use the Commons computers when visiting the library and anticipate using them during my remaining years at UW. The library's computing resources need to remain current so the next generation of students will have the same opportunities that I have enjoyed.Best Regards,

Edward Kasner, MPH Program, School of Public Health

I am writing to support the upcoming STF funding request, which will replace 60 computers in HSL's Commons. I use these computers both before and after classes in the HSL computer classrooms, and fully support new workstations. Not all computers in our department grad student computer lab have all the software we need, whereas these computers do. Our students often use these computers to get their classwork done, as do myself. Updated computers are a necessity for health science research and work.

Katie Fellows, Doctoral Student, Environmental & Occupational Hygiene


I would like to officially endorse the funding request from the Health Sciences Library to update 60 outdated computers. My research involves using software such as STATA, R and Microsoft Office products. Older computers are slower and cause me more eye strain. The new computers will help me complete my research more efficiently.

Karen Michael, Doctoral Student, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences

I strongly support technology as an aid to student learning. As a student, access to computers is a necessary and daily part of completing assignments and understanding class material. Almost all of my classes have online lecture slides and class websites, as well as to some extent, online assignments. Keeping essential technology up to date is a key part of ensuring that the materials that I need to understand subject matter is available to me when I need them and through the format that best enhances my learning.

Rebecca Pham, Graduate Student

As a DNP student in the mental health specialty, I need to use a variety of computer platforms and programs for my studies. A more up to date computer, or in this case, computers, would make my study time more efficient and productive. I would appreciate such an investment of the student technology funding greatly, and believe this is a great use for it, superseding many other priorities.

Svetlana Orlova, Nursing Student

I support a technology fee for students to replace old machines with new ones. Utilizing newer machines will mean that I can get my work done faster.

Volkmar Gaussmann , Medical Student


Group Funded Item Unit price Quantity Subtotal
Windows PCs with Monitors


$699.00 55 $38,445.00

HP PC (CDW-G "UW Desktop B" - EliteDesk 800) (CDW-Government link)


Current generation UW standard mid-range desktops, with 3.3Ghz i5
processor, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDs, HD Graphics 4400 (via display port), DVD
drive, Gigabit ethernet.

HP PC sales tax

$67.10 55 $3,690.50


Washington sales tax on item "HP PC" with warranty (Jan 1 2015 rate of

HP PC Monitor

$244.90 55 $13,469.50

CDW-G - HP EliteDisplay E241i - LED monitor - 24" (CDW-Government link)


Large (24", 1920x1200), fast, modern LED monitors with high levels of
color contrast, DisplayPort support.

HP PC Monitor Sales Tax

$23.51 55 $1,293.05


Washington sales tax on item "HP Monitor" with warranty (Jan 1 2015 rate
of 9.6%)

Apple iMac

Apple iMac

$1,699.00 5 $8,495.00

27-inch 3.2GHz iMac, 8GB memory, 1TB HD, 3 year AppleCare Protection Plan


3.2GHz 27" iMac would supplement our other very popular 27" iMacs in
the Commons.

Apple iMac Sales Tax

$163.10 5 $815.50


Washington sales tax on item "Apple iMac" with warranty (Jan 1 2015 rate
of 9.6%)

Total requested: $66,208.55

Total funded: $66,208.55


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