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Submitted January 4, 2008
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Journalism has become a real-time profession, whether you're online, on TV or in print. Professional journalists require the latest multimedia tools to capture video, still images and sound. Students graduating from UW journalism today must absolutely have experience in using technology if they're going to be attractive candidates to news organizations. Today, everyone is a multimedia journalist, and the Department must prepare its students for this new reality. The Department has already invested a lot into infrastructure, training, staff and equipment but this techfee proposal will fill the gaps and allow students access to the technology with Departmentally funded training needed to help them have successful careers after graduation. This proposal asks to upgrade a techfee funded computer lab and media equipment.

Category Justification

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Journalism has changed dramatically from a print news source with a few contributors to a realtime multimedia news source with many different authors. Instead of having to learn copy editing and paper layout, students now need to have a strong background in flash, web tools, html, video, photography, in addition to these skills. This proposal would update existing infrastructure to allow students to have access to the tools they need.

Appropriate equipment includes: digital video recorders, digital audio recorders, editing software, and even mobile telephones.

The Department of Communication is doing all that they can to get this available for their students. They have invested heavily into staff and infrastructure. The Department runs a large checkout system for gear and would add the new gear to their existing pool. This would allow the students to get trained by staff and TA's and attend workshops for the same equipment they will be using in their classes and in their future work.

Benefits to Students and the University

These upgrades would benefit the students greatly by giving them the chance to experience and use the technology used by journalists in the field. This will allow them to have the experience to get into the work force and have a strong background in the technology necessary to enter the changing field of Journalism.

Departmental Endorsements

"The University of Washington offers the state's only nationally accredited program in journalism, one of the most important and enduring social institutions involved in how people make sense of the world and relate to one another. Today journalism is a profession undergoing rapid technological changes, as the traditional media of newspapers, magazines, television, and radio move increasingly toward convergence via computers, video cameras, cell phones, and other emergent media. These new technological forms have opened up the news process to more citizens, who now have far greater ability to capture, report, and disseminate information - thereby making journalism into a more democratic institution. For students to be prepared to succeed in this dynamic environment, both as citizens and as professionals, it is imperative that they have opportunities to design, create, produce, and disseminate news stories in a wide range of multi-media formats. These opportunities will occur not only in courses but also in student-initiated projects that are beyond the classroom, such as blogs, documentaries, podcasts, websites, and other developing citizen journalism activities. In short, these technological changes will go far to preparing UW students to contribute to journalism as it will increasingly be practiced in the twenty-first century."

David Domke
Department of Communication
Adjunct Faculty, Political Science

"We have many technology needs in our Department, but we have prioritized this proposal -- for journalism -- because we need support to provide vitally important training and opportunity for our students. Journalism is changing at a very rapid pace, and our students need to be able to try out a wide range of technology applications while still here at UW. For basic entry level jobs, they need familiarity and some expertise in on-line presentation of information (both in writing, visual/graphic). Our proposal will give students the opportunity to work here, at UW, on a range of presentation formats (such as streaming audio, video) that they really need to have in order to be competitive for jobs.

We've done the best we can for our students from our own departmental funds, but it's not been enough."

Gerald J. Baldasty
Professor and Chair, Department of Communication Adjunct Professor, Women Studies, American Ethnic Studies UW

"This proposal is critical to sustaining the UW journalism program as the preeminent one in the northwest. The kinds of careers students will be pursuing after they graduate is changing--with more jobs requiring online skills, from audio and video production and editing to writing for online news outlets. The technology upgrades allow the faculty to have their students do in-class work using these additional skills, along with the traditional emphasis on quality writing and journalistic investigation. The department has already devoted significant funds from its small discretionary budget to make modest technology upgrades, but the Techfee funding will be critical to upgrade the entire journalism program."

John Gastil
Associate Chair Department of Communication

"As the Director of the Master of Communication in Digital Media program -- and as a journalist and filmmaker -- I'm working at the forefront of the latest technology.

So I'd like to offer my strongest possible endorsement for the Department of Communication's tech fee application. It's absolutely crucial that the Journalism Program in particular remain viable and current during this tumultuous period. From citizen journalism, to multimedia content creation, this means that students must have access to the latest technology.

I'm a former network news journalist and have many contacts in the industry here in the Puget Sound region. Several of them have expressed their interest in recruiting journalism students and graduates from the area who are familiar with multimedia reporting, as opposed to having to search further afield in eastern Washington and beyond. This tech fee application will go a long way in producing the kind of journalist required to thrive and survive during this time of industry upheaval -- from new camera technology to the latest in digital media software."


Hanson Hosein
Director - M.C. Digital Media Program

Installation Timeline

We would be purchasing the techfee equipment as soon as possible to be installed over the Summer of 2008.

Resources Provided by Department

The computer upgrades are requested for the Newslab. The lab is setup as a small newsroom with computers and software available for students to work on their stories and multimedia projects. This proposal would upgrade these computers to machines that could handle the new software that is needed. The department has invested in this room and recently upgraded the networking to accommodate gigabit for faster digital media access.

The proposal asks for upgrades to the Olympia Intern program. Techfee funded these laptops in the past to allow students spending the quarter in Olympia as interns access to the computers they need, digital writing pens for their stories, and multimedia software. This gear is used by many students in internships and to work on gaining the skills they need for after they graduate.

The Department has invested heavily to allow students to have access to as much media equipment as necessary. They have recently purchased HD deck, digital SLR cameras, and DV cameras. The requested gear would be added to the existing pool so that Departmental Staff and TA's can hold workshops and work with students on the gear that is used in the field. Many of these are high end or very compact and are special to the field. Any student on campus can come in for drop in training on the equipment during open hours.

Access Restrictions (if any)

The newslab is an open lab for students on campus to use during regular business hours. Journalism students can request special 24 hour access. All students on campus will have access to our checkout system for the media equipment to checkout for 2-5 days.

Student Endorsements

I am writing because it has been brought to my attention that the UW Communications Department is requesting money for the Olympia Legislative Internship Program. I support this request 100 percent. As both a future and former (I participated in the program last year) newspaper intern, I cannot stress how important this money is.
Media convergence is a trend that will not reverse course anytime soon. It seems every employer is interested in applicants who have experience creating web-videos or blogging. A lot of it is driven out of declining newspaper circulations and employers' own uncertainty about the direction the business is headed. The era of newsrooms where all that was needed to tell a story was desktop computer and telephone are long gone. Funding for additional laptops, Fly Fusion Pens, and video producing equipment would give students in the Olympia Legislative Internship Program a competitive edge.

Thank you,
Brian Slodysko
Seattle P-I intern 2008
December 21, 2007

As a UW journalism student these new upgrades would be helpful with assignments, such as covering speeches or conducting interviews. These tools are important for learning to report for the web, which is something that is very important in today’s journalism. Knowing how to operate technology that is frequently used in the newsroom and in the field is an important edge for a new journalist to have in order to be competitive in the job market.
I recently finished with the Com 361 course and this equipment would have been quite helpful in our learning experience. We had to set up web pages for our final project, and it would have been very beneficial to have had some of this equipment available to use. Learning to use this equipment while still in college will be very helpful for students, because editors will be impressed that they do not have to teach new reporters about this technology.

Lydia Sprague

My name is Katya and I'm a UW journalism student participating in the Olympia program next quarter. I just wanted to let you know that technology plays a very important role in journalism today.
Journalism is a very competitive profession with few jobs. Eventually, these jobs go to people who have experience with cutting-edge technology. I want to be this person and hope that - among other things - the university will help me become one.
One of the most important things for a journalist is to get the story before everyone else. Good Internet connection, a digital recorder or a video camera can make it happen. By choosing to improve equipment for Olympia interns, you will give us a tremendous advantage and help us succeed as students and as journalists.

Thank you very much for your time.


Yekaterina Yefimova

My name is Yu Nakayama. I am an undergraduate journalism student at the University of Washington, and I will be down in the legislative session in Olympia this winter quarter as an intern for The Seattle Times. I am e-mailing you to show my support for the Communication Department's request to get tech fee money to improve the equipment in Olympia.
As an intern, I believe that the improvement would benefit us greatly in Olympia. The video cameras would allow us to do web content, which in turn would give us a competetive edge in the job market and also teach us invaluable skills as leaders in the newsrooms where we will eventually be employed. I strongly support the department's request and I hope that you will as well.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yu Nakayama
University of Washington

I support student-tech fees to update labs in the Communication Building with software and hardware, and other equipment as needed to continue to adapt the Journalism Program curriculum to the online world.


Julia L. Rice

To whom it may concern
The equipment available at the UW Communications department has been invaluable to my education.
There is a limited supply and additional equipment would allow more students to utilize it at the same time.
Also, we need experience on this type of equipment to make us valuable to employers when we graduate.
This will enable the UW to continue to be viewed as a premier educational institution.
Thank you


John Wayne Liston
student in MCDM
Masters of Communication, Digital Media

Hi Nika,

I am writing to express my support for the Journalism Program in receiving student-tech funds to update its computer programs and equipment.


Whitney Biaggi

Please assign student-tech fees to update the software and hardware in the computer labs of the Communications Building. It would greatly advance the curriculum for the journalism program, helping students prepare for jobs in the media.

Thank you,

Shauna Lundin

I am a journalism student and I am just writing this to say that I am in support of updating the labs in the COM building. With journalism, and the way we communicate under constant change, the computers need to have updated programs and equipment. It would be great to see new hardware to help students adjust to the changes. Thank you.

Shannon O'Hara

My name is Lorin Smith, and I'm a Journalism major in my senior year. I am writing you asking for your support of student-tech fees being assigned to update labs in the Communication Building with software and hardware and other equipment as needed to continue to adapt the Journalism program curriculum to the online world. This is a great matter of concern for me because as a student in the major, we have done very little in regards to online journalism. This is the future for reporting, so the school should be looking to the future for its students. Also, perhaps upgrading the Adobe software would be most beneficial, and putting Dreamweaver on the computers in the Com lab so Copy Edit/Design students can make not only a broad-sheet newspaper while in the class, but also an online Web site to get a better feel for how the online news media does it everyday.
Lorin Smith

I'm in support of student-tech fees being assigned to update labs in the Communication Building with software and hardware, and other equipment as needed to continue to adapt the Journalism Program curriculum to the online world. If this program is to be competitive with other Universities, changes need to be made...

Bret Lundgaard

I support funding for journalism technology. Have a good day!

Julianne Gueco

My name is Chris Stagg and I am a senior at the University of Washington majoring in communications.
I just wanted to write to you and say that I would love to see the technology for journalism students improve in the near future. Although I am very grateful for all that UW students have to work with, I think that there are some aspects that could still use some improvements, particularly the computers and printers. Over fall quarter this year I took com 359 in room 304, and although the equipment generally worked fine, there were also common problems. Towards the beginning of the quarter, several computers were unable to print and the printer would sometimes malfunction. Also, during the midterm my computer as well as one other computer in class quit working right and we both had to switch to different stations during the test. Even earlier today when I took my final I noticed that my computer would continually freeze for moments at a time. Luckily I was able to do the assignment just fine, although I was a little nervous that my computer might stop working altogether.

Again, I am very grateful for the tools that are made available to journalism students and students all over campus. I would simply like to state that I would fully support any new funding for journalism technologies and think that upgraded computers and printers would be very beneficial to students.
Sincerely, Chris Stagg

I support funding for journalism technology.
- Derek Gossler

I support increased funding for journalism technology.

Thank you,
Nicole Gutierrez

I am writing on behaf of my prejournalism class. We have had significant problems with various technologies in this class throughout the quarter. We desperately rely on the ability to print and access the internet. I wholeheartedly support increased funding for Journalism. It is absolutely necessary in this increasingly mediated world.

Thank you,
Jessica Koerner

I write this in an attempt to bring attention to the lack of funding the journalism/communication program has access to. Please do whatever you can to get more funding for these programs.
Thank you,

Cassie Trost

I support increasing funding for journalism technology and hope that the facilities can be improved for the students of the future at the University of Washington.

Morgan Govaars

I support funding for journalism technology.

Andrea Brown

I am writing to let you know that I support funding for journalism technology. I think it is important that funding for journalism technology is maintained.

Thank you

Jaime Bourns

My name is Alex Chaffee, and I am a UW senior, and Communications major. I am sending you this e-mail to ask for more funding for journalism technology. As I write this, we do not have a printer which is vital for our final examination. Thank you for your time!
~Alex Chaffee

My name is Lindsey Simpson, I am a UW senior in the communications department. I am taking a journalism class and I definitely support increased funding for journalism technology at UW.
Thank you, Lindsey

I support the funding for Journalism Technology

Claire Burton

I am a senior at the University of Washington. Please support funding for journalism technology!

Thank you.
Carly Weber

It is very important that we garner more support for funding for journalism technology.

Thanks for your time,
Andrea Boston

I think that an upgrade for the News Lab computer equipment would be very helpful. I am taking that course next quarter and would like to use better equipment... if not for next quarter but for other students, it would really benefit them!

Thanks a lot and have a great day! :)

Nina Huang
Journalism major
Alpha Kappa Psi (Rho chapter) - Secretary UW CFR Financial Services - Student Assistant

Hello my name is Erica Metzler and I am a senior majoring in Journalism. I am writing this email in support of the Journalism Program receiving student-tech funds to update its computer programs and equipment. I am advocating that the money that is coming from student fees be disbursed to the Journalism program. It would be very beneficial to have new upgrades, replace old computers and provide more equipment for shooting audio and video for the Web. I hope you will take this email into consideration. Thank you for your time.

Erica Metzler

I am a journalism major, and would like to take this opportunity to address the technological needs that the program faces.
The mass media industry is rapidly changing, and a lot of that is because of the changes and improvements in technology. Already, students will face enormous competition and challenges once they are out in the job market; being familiar with more up-to-date equipment and computer programs will give them an advantage. Or, at the very least least, it won't place them at more of a disadvantage.
There are, of course, a handful of computers that have the more cutting-edge technology, but not consistently throughout the department. Students are forced to wait around for classrooms to be available, so they can take advantage of the computers that do have the programs they need. This can result in a huge waste of time, inconvenience, and reduced productivity.
It is imperative that the journalism program receive proper attention; we as journalists may not be doctors, but we can still save - and, I think just as importantly, change - lives.

Thank you for your time,
Mia LaCourse

My name is Meghan Peters and I'm a fourth year journalism student. I'm writing you to request funds to upgrade the department's technology equipment.

Working as an editor and reporter at The Daily, learning InDesign in Karen Rathe's design class and interning at the P-I's online department, I've seen how vital technology is becoming for journalism. For our department, I see programs like Final Cut Pro, Soundslides and upgraded versions of InDesign being particularly useful. It's tough to get experience in these types of programs at school, but it's becoming clear how necessary these skills will be in the near future (if they aren't already).

Thank you,



Group Funded Item Unit price Quantity Subtotal

Lab Computers

$1,937.99 10 $19,379.90

Dell Presicion computers with 2GB of Ram 160GB hard drives, and DVD burners.


These new Dell Precision Computers are needed for running all the journalism software including photo and video editing suites.


$299.00 3 $897.00

Lacie scanner with omnipage word scanning software.


Used for scanning in pictures and text for news stories.

Print and Fax machine

$649.00 2 $1,298.00

HP printer and Fax combo.


Needed for printing and submitting news stories and related work.


$1,899.00 5 $9,495.00

Dell Latitude Laptops with 2GB ram, 160GB hard drives, DVD burners.


Used for students who are interns in Olympia and part of the newslab program. When not given to interns are open to all students.

Adobe Master Collection

$499.00 15 $7,485.00

Adobe software suite for working with photos, video, and web design suites.


This software is needed for students to work on many different types of multimedia projects.


$220.00 4 $880.00

Statistical Software Packaged


Used for analysis by communication students


$199.99 15 $2,999.85

Endnote software for references.


Used to keep track of reference materials.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

$199.00 15 $2,985.00

Dictation and voice recognition software.


Used to input interviews and speaching into a text format.

Avid Edting Software

$250.00 10 $2,500.00

Avid software is the leading video editing software suite.


This is the software we use in our high end classes and have HD version of. This way students can use one platform and use the advanced versions when needed.

Roxio Burning Suite

$150.00 15 $2,250.00

Software to easily burn and label CDs and DVDs.


Used for archiving and distributing student projects.

Camista Studio

$199.00 15 $2,985.00

Screen recording software.


Used for interviews and powerpoint for easy distribution and viewing.

Fly Fusion Pens

$80.00 10 $800.00

A pen that automatically digitizes and scans everything you write.


This is essential for students working on interviews and in the field journalism.

Flip Video Camera

$179.00 10 $1,790.00

Very small and ultra portable cameras that connect directly to a computers USB port. Includes mini tripod.


Perfect for beginning journalist who want to use video in the field, they are very easy to use and light to carry.

Canon HV20 Camera

$879.95 3 $2,639.85

Entry level HD camcorder from Canon. Has great reviews and is very easy to use while still having great quality HD, includes case, light, and tripod.


We need more than Standard Definition in order to 'future-proof' the work that will be done in the journalism program. If anything we make is to be broadcast in the near future, even over the web HD is the only way to go.

Sony HVR-HD1000U Camcorder

$3,399.95 2 $6,799.90

Sony HD camera which has wide screen and highest level of HD and can record directly to a Hard drive. Includes tripod, onboard light and case.


High end Sony HD camera built for use by students is very durable and the best quality for production level video.

Camera to hard drive recorder

$1,399.95 5 $6,999.75

Hard drive to attach to camera systems instead of using tapes that break and are much more limited in size, especially for HD.


For a student to buy their own tape is over 50 per tape, this way they can use the hard drive and import direct to the computer and not have that cost.

Edirol R.99 audio recorders

$379.00 3 $1,137.00

Audio recorders for interviews. Have removable memory and can connect directly to a computer.


Great way to get audio to supplement still photos or video work. Work well with the voice recognition software.

Rode NTG-2 shotgun microphone

$269.00 5 $1,345.00

Shotgun microphone for the Video cameras.


Work great on DV cams as well as a wireless boom mic. Best bang for the buck and relatively durable and small.

Microphone and XLR adapter

$250.00 5 $1,250.00

ME-52W Microphone and XLR adapter and headphones for Audio recorders.


Used to get higher quality sound for the audio recorders. The adapter allows for use of our current XLR lavalier microphones.

Wireless Microphone

$1,219.99 3 $3,659.97

Sennheiser G2 Evolution wireless Lavalier mic system with fishpole.


Wireless microphones are needed in many situations

HDV Deck

$1,799.00 1 $1,799.00

Sony HVR-M35U HD Deck which allows both HD and SD tapes to be imported.


Sony HDV Deck that will take the HDV tapes from the cameras and allow for input into the computers.

Tax and Shipping

$8,000.00 1 $8,000.00

Tax and shipping


Tax and shipping

Total requested: $89,375.22

Total funded: $89,375.22


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